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April 5 2016

Who Is Your Favorite TV Antihero, Part II?

Certain shows’ protagonists are not always the most honest, upstanding “heroes” that the good-guy-always-wins Hollywood has trained us to expect them to be. Some shows feature...
September 1 2015

Hannibal 3.13: “The Wrath of the Lamb” is Ended

Here we are, fannibalizing together a last time, much like Hannibal and Will in the blood-soaked (probably) series finale “The Wrath of the Lamb.” There was some returning to the inspiration...
August 24 2015

Hannibal 3.12: “The Number of the Beast is 666”

Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) envisions killing his wife and so consults the second-deadliest therapist in Baltimore. Supposing this is only his dragonic killer-empathy in overdrive, nonetheless, I didn't...
August 18 2015

Hannibal 3.11: “And the Beast From the Sea”

  In Hannibal's 3.11 “And the Beast From the Sea,” Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) discovers his best crime-stopping asset is the durability of his masochism. For a moment, I...
August 11 2015

Hannibal 3.10: “And the Woman Clothed In Sun”

In Hannibal's 3.10, it's getting late, but Tooth Fairies are night owls, and Francis Dolarhyde (Richard Armitage) takes his pedo-van to Maryland on a pilgrimage to Hannibal's old, plastic-shrouded...
August 4 2015

Hannibal 3.09: “And the Woman Clothed With the Sun...”

When Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) visits Dr. Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen), we learn even the perennially-scruffy nature boy wears aftershave. The moon-phased Tooth Fairy is on a killing deadline, and...
July 28 2015

Hannibal 3.08: “The Great Red Dragon” At Last Descends

Stray dogs and more Englishmen! Once Hannibal was captive, I felt safe vacating, so “The Great Red Dragon” is a late write-up. This episode had a dash of everything I love and may mourn...
July 20 2015

Hannibal 3.07: “Digestivo” Finishes Characters

Hannibal's “Digestivo” finishes characters with a burp, despite NBC moving our dinner reservation. Shifted to Saturday night, without preamble, this week's episode had lots...
July 11 2015

Hannibal 3.06: “Dolce” For a Sweet Divorce

Hannibal 3.06's “Dolce” answers whether “Dr. Fell” will accept an amicable divorce over widowerhood. It also returns to Bedelia's axis of Betrayal vs. Forgiveness, and...
July 3 2015

Hannibal 3.05: “Contorno” Means Accompaniment

Casually, contorno is a “side dish,” but that phrase isn't reverent enough for Hannibal 3.05's ode to accompanying women. I've pointed out other instances in which the women...
June 27 2015

Hannibal 3.04: “Aperitivo” Whets the Bloodlust

In “Apertivo,” a cadre of fractious, murderous conspirators maneuvers to converge upon Caesar (okay, Hannibal). In Republican Rome, a lamb was sacrificed to Jupiter on the ides of each...
June 20 2015

Hannibal 3.03: “Secondo” Means Choosing

In “Secondo,” Hannibal and Bedelia lounge in matching rompwear, while Jack mourns Will, who torments the tormented in the Lecter family vineyards. In the novels as here, the well-heeled...
June 13 2015

Hannibal 3.02: “Primavera” Springs Will Graham

In “Primavera,” we see Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen) and Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) almost together again and meet Florence's Inspector Rinaldo Pazzi, a long-time pursuer of “The...
June 8 2015

The Ripliad: A Sexagennial with Patricia Highsmith’s Charming Monster

In 1955, the most notorious of Patricia Highsmith’s creations, Tom Ripley, entered her repertoire. Patricia Highsmith’s (1921–1995) debut novel in 1950 was Strangers on a Train,...
May 27 2015

A Taste of Hannibal’s Season 3!

Get a taste of the Season 3 trailer for Hannibal!  Purely from later events, Thomas Harris fans already know Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) must have survived the bloodbath at Hannibal's to catch...
February 22 2015

Fresh Meat: The Winter Foundlings by Kate Rhodes

The Winter Foundlings by Kate Rhodes is the third book starring forensic psychologist Alice Quentin who heads to a psychiatric prison to interview an inmate (available February 24, 2015). It’s...
August 26 2014

Before Hannibal Lecter, There was Thomas Bishop: Shane Stevens’ Forgotten Killer

Credit for the serial killer subgenre usually goes to Thomas Harris. However, two years before Harris introduced us to Hannibal Lecter, Shane Stevens wrote about Thomas Bishop in By Reason of Insanity,...
October 22 2013

Fashion and Food According to Dr. Hannibal Lecter

Don Draper may have his own Banana Republic line, but he's not the only well-dressed antihero on TV today.  Hannibal Lecter has made the transition to the small scene on NBC's Hannibal,...
September 19 2013

What You Missed Last Season on Hannibal: It’s a Must-Watch

Didn't watch Hannibal this season? You missed out on so much. Despite its violent moments and creepy topics, Hannibal is brilliantly written, acted and directed, making it a stunningly and shockingly...
April 30 2013

“Psycho” Killers Are People Too

From Edward Hyde to Hannibal Lecter, to the serial killer in practically every James Patterson novel, what would the world of mystery thrillers be without the psychopathic, criminally disturbed villain? ...
April 27 2013

Hannibal Episode 4: “Coquilles”

“Coquilles” was an episode laced with sadness and mortality. Tonight’s killer gave a thought to humanity and just how little we know about how the human brain works. There were...
April 19 2013

Hannibal Episode 1.03: “Potage”

All eyes are on Abigail Hobbs as they wait for her to wake up. The show opens up with Abigail having a coma-induced vision of going hunting with her father, giving us a little glimpse at their relationship....
April 15 2013

Miniature Faux Human Skin Furniture

Wondering what Hannibal's office furniture is made from? How about human skin? Well, okay, this miniature furniture by artist Jessica Harrison is made of faux human skin, not real human skin, but...
April 12 2013

Hannibal Episode 1.02: “Amuse-Bouche”

“Amuse-Bouche” is a shocking and grotesque episode that introduces another serial killer, Mr. Eldon Stammets, who just happens to have a disturbing affinity for fungi. Because Graham...
April 6 2013

Hannibal Pilot: “Apértif”

I eagerly awaited Hannibal with the hopefulness of a child at Christmas. And did I get what I wanted? Let’s see… Let me speak about the opening scene for a moment, if you will....
April 2 2013

Our First Taste of NBC’s Hannibal

At CrimeHQ, we got an early chance to see the premiere of the new crime series Hannibal, premiering Thursday, April 4. The series is positioned as a prequel, set much earlier than when we joined retired...
November 6 2012

Silence! Put the Effing Lotion in the Basket

Needless to say, not safe for tender ears. This brilliant piece is from Silence! The Musical by Jon and Al Kaplan, and is animated with Legos by Pete Levin. If you live in L.A. or NYC, you...
October 23 2012

Laughing Lambs

Hannibal Lecter is a pretty terrifying person. There have been lots of movies (some awe-inspiring, some...not so much) based on this character and there have even been some people who seem to take...
May 30 2012

Nibbling on Reacher, Hatfield, and Starling

We’ve got a few nibbles of news to share: 1) They’re not calling the new movie based upon Lee Child’s novels One Shot anymore. They’re calling it Jack Reacher. Makes sense to us. Star Tom...
February 20 2012

Hannibal Lecter, TV Star?

Ever find yourself wondering, “Where could I possibly get more of that homicidal mad man I love, Hannibal Lecter?” I know I do.  Good news for all the fans of Thomas Harris’s...