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April 26 2016

A Dust Up in My Reading Habits: Reviewing Dust Up by Jon McGoran

Dust Up by Jon McGoran is the 3rd Doyle Carrick ecological thriller that finds Doyle in Haiti, investigating a murder and its connections to a big biotech company, Energene. I’m not sure...
April 13 2016

Predicting the Future: Jon McGoran’s Doyle Carrick Series Coming True

This original blog post by author Jon McGoran is part 1 of a 2 part series including an exclusive Q&A featuring questions from YOU, the readers. To win a copy of Jon's new book Dust...
February 7 2015

Fresh Meat: Drawing Conclusions by Deirdre Verne

Drawing Conclusions by Deirdre Verne is the first Sketch in Crime mystery featuring CeCe Prentice, an eco-conscious freegan and artist suspicious of the death of her twin brother, a prominent genetic...