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April 28 2016

What Is Credit Card Skimming?

Credit card fraud and identity theft are scary—they can, and do, affect people all over the world, all the time. However, most people are conditioned to fear online transactions, where hackers...
December 29 2014

Fake Champagne: “Apple cider, Metallic Soda Water, or Worse”

So says Champagne Warrior Brad Baker. When high-end bottles and desirable, limited vintages are in demand, yes, fake champagne can be a thing. Here's more on “Bogus Bubbles” from the...
December 19 2014

Number 1 of the Scams of Christmas: Santa Letter Scams

The Santa Letter scam takes the No. 1 spot on this list for several reasons. First, it victimizes parents just trying to do something special for their kids for Christmas, as well as the kids, who'll...
December 18 2014

Number 2 of the Scams of Christmas: Holiday Heartbreakers

As the holidays roll in, some people get lonely. With our emotions out of control, online dating scams are one of the easiest cons to fall for. Just last month, and not that long after having attended...
December 16 2014

Number 4 of the Scams of Christmas: Sly Shipping

Dear Customer, Your parcel arrived on December 17. Courier was unable to deliver the parcel to you. To receive your parcel, print this label and go to the nearest office. During...
December 15 2014

Number 5 of the Scams of Christmas: Grumpy Greeting Cards

Remember the good old days when the holidays were approaching, we went to our mailboxes everyday, checked for greeting cards, then rushed inside to see what our friends had written to us in the card?...
December 14 2014

Number 6 of the Scams of Christmas: Coal-Deserving Charities

The holidays are the season of giving. Unfortunately, there are those who think charity begins at their homes and goes no further. On a large scale, online scammers set up fake charitable websites...
December 12 2014

Number 8 of the Scams of Christmas: Counterfeit Cheer

The unbeatable bargain has been a lure used by con artists since even before 19th-century Europeans recognized the commercial value of a topical preparation used by foreign laborers, an oily substance...
December 11 2014

Number 9 of the Scams of Christmas: Bogus Coupons

’Tis the season for saving money. That’s what coupons are for—assuming those coupons are legitimate. But, alas, “phishing” scammers are also using this tried-and-true consumer...
December 10 2014

Number 10 of the Scams of Christmas: Scrooge Wants More Money

Ever since the days of Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol, we’ve associated Scrooge with money-grubbers. But alas, in this case, Scrooge is being unfairly maligned, because we have...
December 9 2014

Number 11 of the Scams of Christmas: Mystery Shopping

Who wouldn’t like to have a little extra cash for the holidays? If you happen to be one of those people who doesn’t mind the crowds, a part-time job doing what the industry calls “mystery...
March 6 2013

What’s in Your Museum?

“95 percent of all antiquities in the U.S. have been smuggled.” —John Cooney, former curator of ancient art, Cleveland Museum of Art Our story begins with a pot and a pig. In...
January 29 2013

Caught in the Web of Martha Ivery

Editor’s note: When we first heard from Scott Adlerberg, we gave him a hard time. He’d approached us about a “pre-pub” excerpt of a book we discovered had been out for a...