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Rick Campbell Audio Excerpt: <i>Blackmail</i>
July 25, 2017

Rick Campbell Audio Excerpt: Blackmail

Rick Campbell
Listen to Chapter 2!
David Young Excerpt: <i>Stasi Child</i>
July 25, 2017

David Young Excerpt: Stasi Child

David Young
The first book in the Karin Müller series, set in East Berlin in 1975.
Donna Andrews Excerpt: <i>Gone Gull</i>
July 24, 2017

Donna Andrews Excerpt: Gone Gull

Donna Andrews
The 21st book in the Meg Langslow Mystery series.
Peter Tremayne Excerpt: <i>Penance of the Damned</i>
July 21, 2017

Peter Tremayne Excerpt: Penance of the Damned

Peter Tremayne
The 27th book in the Sister Fidelma series.
Adam Christopher Excerpt: <i>Killing Is My Business</i>
July 20, 2017

Adam Christopher Excerpt: Killing Is My Business

Adam Christopher
The second book in the Ray Electromatic Mysteries series.
Andrew Gross Bonus Chapter: <i>The Saboteur</i>
July 19, 2017

Andrew Gross Bonus Chapter: The Saboteur

Andrew Gross
Read this exclusive bonus chapter about a failed British Mission in Norway during WWII.
Jane Casey Excerpt: <i>Let the Dead Speak</i>
July 19, 2017

Jane Casey Excerpt: Let the Dead Speak

Jane Casey
Jane Casey returns with another taut, richly drawn novel.
C. J. Box Excerpt: <i>Paradise Valley</i>
July 18, 2017

C. J. Box Excerpt: Paradise Valley

C. J. Box
The fourth and final book in the Highway Quartet.
T. Jefferson Parker Excerpt: <i>The Room of White Fire</i>
July 17, 2017

T. Jefferson Parker Excerpt: The Room of White Fire

T. Jefferson Parker
Read the excerpt & learn how to win a copy!
Madeline Ashby Excerpt: <i>Company Town</i>
July 15, 2017

Madeline Ashby Excerpt: Company Town

Madeline Ashby
Company Town has never been the safest place to be—but now, the danger is personal.
David Rosenfelt Excerpt: <i>Collared</i>
July 14, 2017

David Rosenfelt Excerpt: Collared

David Rosenfelt
The 15th book in the Andy Carpenter series.
Rich Zahradnik Excerpt: <i>Lights Out Summer</i>
July 13, 2017

Rich Zahradnik Excerpt: Lights Out Summer

Rich Zahradnik
The fourth Coleridge Taylor Mystery.
Michael F. Haspil Excerpt: <i>Graveyard Shift</i>
July 13, 2017

Michael F. Haspil Excerpt: Graveyard Shift

Michael Haspil
Police procedurals go supernatural in this gritty urban fantasy.
Tetsuya Honda Excerpt: <i>Soul Cage</i>
July 12, 2017

Tetsuya Honda Excerpt: Soul Cage

Tetsuya Honda
The second book in the Lieutenant Himekawa series.
B. A. Paris Excerpt: <i>The Breakdown</i>
July 11, 2017

B. A. Paris Excerpt: The Breakdown

B.A. Paris
If you can’t trust yourself, who can you trust?
Iris Johansen & Roy Johansen Excerpt: <i>Look Behind You</i>
July 10, 2017

Iris Johansen & Roy Johansen Excerpt: Look Behind You

Iris Johansen and Roy Johansen
The fifth Kendra Michaels novel.
Jack Grimwood Excerpt: <i>Moskva</i>
July 9, 2017

Jack Grimwood Excerpt: Moskva

Jack Grimwood
A brilliantly written, chilling, and sophisticated serial killer thriller.
Deborah E. Kennedy Excerpt: <i>Tornado Weather</i>
July 8, 2017

Deborah E. Kennedy Excerpt: Tornado Weather

Deborah E. Kennedy
There's nothing average about an average life.
Julia Thomas Excerpt: <i>Penhale Wood</i>
July 7, 2017

Julia Thomas Excerpt: Penhale Wood

Julia Thomas
A desperate mother will stop at nothing to find her daughter's killer.
Bill Loehfelm Excerpt: <i>The Devil’s Muse</i>
July 6, 2017

Bill Loehfelm Excerpt: The Devil’s Muse

Bill Loehfelm
In the thrilling 5th book in the Maureen Coughlin series, a Mardi Gras parade turns deadly.
Lindsey Davis Excerpt: <i>The Third Nero</i>
July 5, 2017

Lindsey Davis Excerpt: The Third Nero

The fifth book in the Flavia Albia series.
Linda Castillo Excerpt: <i>Down a Dark Road</i>
July 4, 2017

Linda Castillo Excerpt: Down a Dark Road

The ninth Kate Burkholder novel.
Claire Booth Excerpt: <i>Another Man’s Ground</i>
July 3, 2017

Claire Booth Excerpt: Another Man’s Ground

Claire Booth
The second book in the Sheriff Hank Worth Mystery series.
Carolyn Baugh Excerpt: <i>Shoreline</i>
July 2, 2017

Carolyn Baugh Excerpt: Shoreline

Carolyn Baugh
The second installment in the Detective Nora Khalil series.
Lotte and Søren Hammer Excerpt: <i>The Lake</i>
July 1, 2017

Lotte and Søren Hammer Excerpt: The Lake

Lotte Hammer and Soren Hammer
The fourth Konrad Simonsen thriller.
Theresa Schwegel Excerpt: <i>The Lies We Tell</i>
June 30, 2017

Theresa Schwegel Excerpt: The Lies We Tell

Theresa Schwegel
A compelling crime novel about imperfect people struggling against all odds.
J. Leon Pridgen II Excerpt: <i>Unit 416</i>
June 29, 2017

J. Leon Pridgen II Excerpt: Unit 416

J. Leon Pridgen II
With the skill and swagger of Unit 416, no mission is impossible.
Diane Kelly Excerpt: <i>Enforcing the Paw</i>
June 28, 2017

Diane Kelly Excerpt: Enforcing the Paw

Diane Kelly
The sixth book in the Paw Enforcement series.
Steven James Excerpt: <i>Every Deadly Kiss</i>
June 27, 2017

Steven James Excerpt: Every Deadly Kiss

Steven James
The 10th book in the Bowers Files.