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Ward Larsen Excerpt: <i>Assassin’s Code</i>
August 17, 2017

Ward Larsen Excerpt: Assassin’s Code

Ward Larsen
Assassin David Slaton returns in this adrenaline-packed adventure.
Julia Keller Excerpt: <i>Fast Falls the Night</i>
August 16, 2017

Julia Keller Excerpt: Fast Falls the Night

Julia Keller
The sixth Bell Elkins novel.
Andrew Gross Excerpt: <i>The Saboteur</i>
August 15, 2017

Andrew Gross Excerpt: The Saboteur

Andrew Gross
A hero who must weigh duty against his heart in this WWII thriller.
Ann Cleeves Excerpt: <i>Telling Tales</i>
August 14, 2017

Ann Cleeves Excerpt: Telling Tales

Ann Cleeves
The second book in the Vera Stanhope series.
Erika Raskin Excerpt: <i>Best Intentions</i>
August 12, 2017

Erika Raskin Excerpt: Best Intentions

Erika Raskin
A captivating suspense novel that weaves together high-stakes hospital politics and the pressures of family life.
Matt Goldman Excerpt: <i>Gone to Dust</i>
August 11, 2017

Matt Goldman Excerpt: Gone to Dust

Matt Goldman
The debut private eye murder mystery from Seinfeld writer Matt Goldman.
Lisa Scottoline Excerpt: <i>Exposed</i>
August 10, 2017

Lisa Scottoline Excerpt: Exposed

Lisa Scottoline
The fifth book in the Rosato & DiNunzio series.
E. J. Copperman Excerpt: <i>Dog Dish of Doom</i>
August 9, 2017

E. J. Copperman Excerpt: Dog Dish of Doom

E. J. Copperman
The first book in the new Agent to the Paws series.
Wendy Walker Excerpt: <i>Emma in the Night</i>
August 8, 2017

Wendy Walker Excerpt: Emma in the Night

Wendy Walker
A smart psychological thriller that sets a new standard for unreliable narrators.
Temple Mathews Excerpt: <i>Bad Girl Gone</i>
August 7, 2017

Temple Mathews Excerpt: Bad Girl Gone

Temple Matthews
A recently deceased girl must solve her own murder in order to escape purgatory.
Allison Brennan Excerpt: <i>Shattered</i>
August 6, 2017

Allison Brennan Excerpt: Shattered

Allison Brennan
Max Revere meets Lucy Kincaid in this series mashup!
Jorn Lier Horst Excerpt: <i>Ordeal</i>
August 5, 2017

Jorn Lier Horst Excerpt: Ordeal

Jorn Lier Horst
The 10th book in the William Wisting Mystery series.
Rachel Howzell Hall Excerpt: <i>City of Saviors</i>
August 4, 2017

Rachel Howzell Hall Excerpt: City of Saviors

Rachel Howzell Hall
The fourth book in the Detective Elouise Norton series.
Adam Abramowitz Excerpt: <i>Bosstown</i>
August 3, 2017

Adam Abramowitz Excerpt: Bosstown

Adam Abramowitz
Harrowing high speeds, desperately high stakes, and more twists than a Boston street.
Jack Getze Excerpt: <i>The Black Kachina</i>
August 2, 2017

Jack Getze Excerpt: The Black Kachina

Jack Getze
A missing top-secret weapon could destroy the Hoover Dam.
Bill Crider Excerpt: <i>Dead, to Begin With</i>
August 1, 2017

Bill Crider Excerpt: Dead, to Begin With

Bill Crider
The 24th book in the Sheriff Dan Rhodes Mysteries series.
Jack Coughlin & Donald A. Davis Excerpt: <i>In the Crosshairs</i>
July 31, 2017

Jack Coughlin & Donald A. Davis Excerpt: In the Crosshairs

Jack Coughlin and Donald A. Davis
The 10th book in the Kyle Swanson Sniper Novels series.
Jon Land Excerpt: <i>Dark Light: Dawn</i>
July 30, 2017

Jon Land Excerpt: Dark Light: Dawn

Jon Land
A heart-pounding supernatural thriller about a deadly, global epidemic.
Ryan Gattis Excerpt: <i>Safe</i>
July 29, 2017

Ryan Gattis Excerpt: Safe

Ryan Gattis
How far would you go to protect the ones you love?
Gerry Schmitt Excerpt: <i>Shadow Girl</i>
July 28, 2017

Gerry Schmitt Excerpt: Shadow Girl

Gerry Schmitt
The second book in the Afton Tangler Thriller series.
Michael Fleeman Excerpt: <i>The Black Widower</i>
July 27, 2017

Michael Fleeman Excerpt: The Black Widower

Michael Fleeman
A beautiful doctor, her seemingly perfect husband, and a chilling death...
Charlaine Harris Excerpt: <i>Sleep Like a Baby</i>
July 27, 2017

Charlaine Harris Excerpt: Sleep Like a Baby

Charlaine Harris
The 10th book in the Aurora Teagarden Mysteries series.
Cate Conte Excerpt: <i>Cat About Town</i>
July 26, 2017

Cate Conte Excerpt: Cat About Town

Cate Conte
The first in the new Cat Cafe Mystery series.
Rick Campbell Audio Excerpt: <i>Blackmail</i>
July 25, 2017

Rick Campbell Audio Excerpt: Blackmail

Rick Campbell
Listen to Chapter 2!
David Young Excerpt: <i>Stasi Child</i>
July 25, 2017

David Young Excerpt: Stasi Child

David Young
The first book in the Karin Müller series, set in East Berlin in 1975.
Donna Andrews Excerpt: <i>Gone Gull</i>
July 24, 2017

Donna Andrews Excerpt: Gone Gull

Donna Andrews
The 21st book in the Meg Langslow Mystery series.
Peter Tremayne Excerpt: <i>Penance of the Damned</i>
July 21, 2017

Peter Tremayne Excerpt: Penance of the Damned

Peter Tremayne
The 27th book in the Sister Fidelma series.
Adam Christopher Excerpt: <i>Killing Is My Business</i>
July 20, 2017

Adam Christopher Excerpt: Killing Is My Business

Adam Christopher
The second book in the Ray Electromatic Mysteries series.
Andrew Gross Bonus Chapter: <i>The Saboteur</i>
July 19, 2017

Andrew Gross Bonus Chapter: The Saboteur

Andrew Gross
Read this exclusive bonus chapter about a failed British Mission in Norway during WWII.