Spate Brings the Detection (and Rain) to Platform Gaming!

Spate by Eric Provan
Bluth dresses for the weather in ever-waders.
If you recall one thing from the early days of arcade video games, you know you had to line up your quarter for next play and that Donkey Kong is a low-down kidnapper. And platformers—video games where the character moves across suspended platforms while dodging obstacles—have continued their diverting existence carrying that banana-shaped stain of injustice.

However, in the upcoming Spate, that old account may finally be squared. At last, we’re not trying to face down a hulking evildoer with a couple of diminutive trade-school dropouts. No, this time we’ve got a real detective on the case! Besides the admittedly unconventional-looking Detective Bluth, there will be dames, a missing husband, lots and lots of rain, and a bizarro steampunk world with a perilous no-go district called the Xzone. Did I mention that there’s an unfolding mystery element, and not just the one Bluth’s solving? (Also, there will be robots . . . that poop.) See the game trailer below.

Creator Eric Provan is funding Spate’s development on Kickstarter but as he’s been working professionally in cool films already and further claims that the beloved Clue is among the game’s inspirations, we have high hopes he’ll make his goal and we’ll get the chance to enjoy helping Bluth earn his fee!


  1. Christopher Morgan

    So if it’s Clue does that mean that the Dame is Ms. Scarlet and the wayward husband is Col. Mustard?

    But the game looks great, like a vastly more colorful Limbo. It’s great seeing Indie Gaming getting some love!

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