The Season for Giving Meets a Crime HQ Recipient! For Realsies, Cynics!

You're all so suspicious, we wanted to share one of our happy sweeps winners with her well-gotten gain! Thanks for posting the picture, absolutely real and not stock-photo person Elizabeth F., and may we say that your place* is definitely one where we'd enjoy settling in for a cuppa to talk murder.** Congratulations to you and to all of our sweepstakes winners! ***


*dynamite collection of cool tins, thirst-quenching pop-culture collagerie, and kung fu instructional placard…check, check, check!

**why yes, we'd love to be invited—too eager?

**obligatory end-of-year reminder always to CHECK THE INBOX  OF THE E-MAIL ADDRESS YOU USE TO REGISTER AT THE SITE and the SPAM FOLDER, TOO. We get the sads when our e-mails to reach winners with lavish booty go unanswered.


  1. Laurence Coven

    I get the sads when I enter every time and never ever win. Oh me! Oh My!

  2. Rylene Wauda

    A good mystery will quell my mind–at least take it off my 93 year old Mother in a nursing home & trying to empty her house.

  3. Arlena Carter

    Yes please enter me for this chance.Thank you.Love to read and Claws of the cat looks good.

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