A Reasonable Doubt by Phillip Margolin: A Visual Guide

GIFnotes: Giving you the basic plot summary of an upcoming book with the help of the Graphics Interchange Format.

A Reasonable Doubt by Phillip Margolin is the third book in the Robin Lockwood series, where a magician linked to three murders and suspicious deaths years ago disappears in the middle of his new act—take a visual tour with GIFnotes!

Robin Lockwood is a young criminal defense attorney and partner in a prominent law firm in Portland, Oregon.

A former MMA fighter and Yale Law graduate, she joined the firm of legal legend Regina Barrister not long before Regina was forced into retirement by early-onset Alzheimer’s.

One of Regina’s former clients, Robert Chesterfield, shows up in the law office with an odd request.

He’s seeking help from his old attorney in acquiring patent protection for an illusion.

Chesterfield is a professional magician of some renown, and he has a major new trick he’s about to debut.

This is out of the scope of the law firm’s expertise, but when Robin Lockwood looks into his previous relationship with the firm, she learns that he was arrested 20 years ago for two murders and one attempted murder and was involved in the potentially suspicious death of his very rich wife.

At the time, Regina Barrister defended him with ease…

After which he resumed his career as a magician in Las Vegas.

Now, decades later, he debuts his new trick―only to disappear at the end.

He’s a man with more than one dark past and many enemies―is his disappearance tied to one of the many people who have good reason to hate him?

Was he killed and his body disposed of, or did he use his considerable skills to engineer his own disappearance?

Robin Lockwood must unravel the tangled skein of murder and bloody mischief to learn how it all ties together.

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