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If you’ve been following Criminal Element over the past few years, it will come as no surprise when we tell you that we’re huge fans of Gregg Hurwitz’s Orphan X series. And based on the reactions we’ve gotten to our coverage of this series, its clear that you, our readers, are big fans too! So we are thrilled to be partnering with Minotaur Books to offer you a unique opportunity to help pick the cover of Gregg’s next thriller, Out of the Dark. Decide which cover design you like best and scroll to the bottom to vote. Next week, we’ll reveal the winner right here on the site!

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

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  1. Linda Farabaugh

    I voted for option 3.

    • Henry Ricardo

      Yes, option 3 seems more menacingly realistic.

  2. Daniel Weber

    Option 3

  3. Daniel Weber

    Option 3

  4. Shirley Evans
    • Shirley Evans

      Option 3 … Apparently I have no idea how to comment in this format.

  5. Brett Farley

    The blue on is a more aesthetically pleasing cover. The blue is cooler than the red one and less cluttered than the green one, reminiscent of the first three books. The silhouette of Orphan X is off center and doesn’t take away from the title. The tag line is on one line and let’s the book’s title be just a little bigger.

  6. David Siegel

    Cover 2

  7. Ken DiSalvatore

    I voted for option 3.

  8. Tanya Kelley

    Option 2 – I like the idea of going “out of the dark” into daylight. Daylight is the beginning of a new day. It can also be a new thought

  9. Jeannine

    I voted for Option #3.

  10. Peggy Kincaid

    I liked Option 3 as well. Red used last book so they need a different scene and I like the running figure at a bit of a distance rather than close up.

  11. Julie Holden

    Option 3 💚💚💚

  12. Carolina Mac

    I voted for option 3 because the title says ‘dark’ and 3 portrays the theme more accurately.

  13. Myra Silverman

    I choose #1. When coming out of the dark, one comes into the light. This bright yellow cover is the light that Orphan X is coming into!

  14. Randi Briggs

    option 1 I really like the red

  15. Camilla

    Option 3 🙂

  16. dscj

    option 3

  17. Anne L. Rightler


  18. Chris Cuddihy

    Option 1

  19. Tracy Ridgely

    I love option 3

  20. Cheryl Nichols


  21. Sally Kohlenberg
  22. Sally Kohlenberg

    Option #3 more in keeping with the title

  23. Joy Isley

    I like # 3

  24. Jo B.

    I chose #1 – the color gives it more energy and intensity and heat.

  25. Rena

    Cover 3 is the best

  26. Ariel

    Definitely cover 3

  27. Bonnie Vanderwater

    Three could be just down the street from us.

  28. Laura

    It says “OUT” of the dark, so I chose the one that was the least dark…#1. Plus I like the fonts on it (and #2) the best. They are all nice, though. But we can’t judge a book by it’s cover….or can we? lol

  29. Patricia A. Brown

    #1 is my favorite. It really stands out.

  30. M P


  31. Candi

    I chose 3 because it is the darkest color.

  32. Eowana Jordan

    I voted for the more detailed picture with the sepia brown color; the word ‘dark’ should not be white. How about making that word at least a light grey or black?

  33. joel timmons

    Option. 3. Love. It

  34. Teresa

    I vote 3, 2, 1

  35. Steve

    I vote option 3. It’s the best one by far.

  36. Karen

    1 looks like half the thriller covers already done. 2 is out of the dark and into the fog. 3 is best of the lot, but could be more grabby.

  37. Rhonda Stefani

    I voted for #3, seems fitting to me. Especially since it goes well with the first two books and the 2nd was a red cover. Love the green!

  38. Laurie Bartels

    Cover A

  39. Kathryn A Defranc

    I like One because it jumps right out at you, making you notice the book immediately!!

  40. Barbara Raeuber

    I choose #3 — more detail

  41. Susanne Muphy

    Enjoy the Newsletters very much. Keep them coming. Thank you

  42. Laurent Latulippe

    option 3 for me also

  43. John Richardson

    Option 3 for me!

  44. Jackie

    # 3

  45. valerie zalewski

    I voted for 3 also. It seemed to draw me into the book more than the other 2.

  46. Doralynn

    Option 2

  47. Loretta

    Option 2 – Blue – Bold and Inviting!

  48. Teresa

    I really like 3 the best!

  49. Kris

    Option 3

  50. kathy

    I liked option 3 the best

  51. Gail

    Option 1, As the Title is “Out of the Dark”
    It looks very appropriate, he is walking out of the dark!
    Love the vibrant orange.

  52. Edith Adams

    Option 1

  53. Ian

    Option 3

  54. Patricia

    #3, then #2. The orange-ish yellow of #1 has been done too many times in recent book covers. 🙂

  55. Jeanmarie

    Number #3, the extra detail stops it being mistaken for a Lee Child title. Orphan X books need to have their own look, and stand out from the rest.

  56. Mark


  57. Joseph R. Ormerod

    #1 for me

  58. Sharron Winegardner


  59. Dawn Clark


  60. Judy
  61. Jeff Folks

    Cover 3

  62. Valerie Wiesner

    Cover #1 draws my eye the most.


    I would never judge a cover by its book. 🤪🤪🤪🤪

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