Minotaur Spring Sampler: A Book for Everyone

Here is a guide of the 5 different books included in the Minotaur Spring Sampler!

If you can’t decide on what to read, the Minotaur Spring Sampler is the perfect way to choose. Whether you want to start a series or read a standalone novel, the Sampler has you covered. With five books to choose from, the Sampler contains the beginnings of five different mysteries. Just download for free on your e-Reader and start your reading journey. Don’t be surprised if you end up wanting to finish all five books!

For those who love a small town with secrets:

The Girl Who Died by Ragnar Jónasson

In Jónasson’s new standalone thriller, a young woman learns that alone time isn’t always the best. Unhappy with her life, Una moves to Iceland’s most isolated village Skálar, home of only ten other people. She spends most of her time in her rented attic space that is said to be haunted. Despite the solitude of the town, Una is determined to be as alone as possible, only relying on her dreams and her drinks for company. This all changes when her dreams face an intruder: a little girl singing a lullaby. Una then learns that ten people is not enough to prevent a tiny village from having a dark, haunted history. 

For lovers of international mysteries:

Thief of Souls by Brian Klingborg

Though an adept investigator and graduate of one of China’s most prestigious police academies, Lu Fei is assigned to a dull and quiet town in northern China. This all changes when Lu investigates the murder of a disemboweled woman alongside the CID in Beijing. The CID just wants to wrap up the case and pin the crime on the easiest possible suspect in order to maintain good looks and stability; however, Lu knows that there is more to the story. He goes off investigating the murder on his own and finds ties to corrupt businesses, Communist bosses, and a string of other homicides.

For the historical fiction lover:

A Peculiar Combination by Ashley Weaver

In the debut novel of the Electra McDonnell Series, Ashley Weaver introduces the titular character, Electra, who must make her living during World War II in ways that are not so legal. With knowledge from her locksmith uncle, Electra picks the locks of wealthy British families in order to take what she needs so she can feed her own. After being caught stealing jewels with her uncle, the pair is offered two options: help break into a safe to take confidential blueprints before the Germans can get their hands on them, or be turned in to the police. This does not end up being as easy as she thought, as the blueprints are already missing and there is a dead German spy upon her arrival. 

For the psychological thriller lover:

The Photographer by Mary Dixie Carter

Everything seems perfect in pictures, and photographer Delta Dawn knows that. Being hired for extravagant events in New York City triggers jealousy in Delta, as she must capture the joyful moments in everyone else’s life but have none in her own. It all comes to a head at an eleven-year-old’s birthday party, where Delta decides to pose as a friend and become a staple in the family’s everyday life. She realizes that photographs aren’t the only thing she can manipulate, and soon lives the life of a wealthy New Yorker.

For the crime thriller lover:

Gone For Good by Joanna Schaffhausen

After twenty years of silence, Grace Harper believes that The Lovelorn Killer—who murdered several women, bound them, and wrote them unsettling love notes—is still alive and in her hometown where she works as a grocery store manager. Things become increasingly suspicious when Detective Annalisa Vega finds Grace’s body dead in the same exact way as the killer’s other victims. Vega lost a loved one to killer and finding Grace’s body was the push she needed to continue investigating The Lovelorn Killer. Vega needs to figure out why the killer silenced Grace after twenty years of inactivity, find justice for her loved ones, and find out who among her town is a gruesome killer.

Still can’t decide? The Minotaur Spring Sampler has compiled the beginnings of each of these five novels so you can breeze through them all and choose which one you want to read! Available on Nook, Google Play, Kobo, eBooks.com, and iBooks.