Cozy Bookshelf Shopping List: January, 2017

Discover (or remember to order) your next cozy with a delightfully convenient shopping list of upcoming soft-boiled mysteries! Last month, the holidays came early with some great December releases; this month, ring in the new year with January's cozies! Let us know in the comments how you like it and what you can't wait to read next!

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Criminal Element's January 2017 Cozy Bookshelf Shopping List!

Week of January 1 through January 7

Title Author Series Date
Fudge and Jury Ellie Alexander Bakeshop Mystery #5 1/03
Third Time's a Crime Diana Orgain Love or Money Mystery #3 1/03
Assault and Beret Jenn McKinlay Hat Shop Mystery #5 1/03
Pop Goes the Murder Kristi Abbott Popcorn Shop Mystery #2 1/03
Telling Tails Sofie Ryan Second Chance Cat Mystery #4 1/03

Week of January 8 through January 14

Title Author Series Date
Dead Cold Brew Cleo Coyle Coffeehouse Mystery #16 1/10
Jamie Winters Mysteries Boxed Set Kelly Rey Jamie Winters Mysteries #1-3 1/10

Week of January 15 through January 21

Title Author Series Date
A Puzzle to Be Named Later Parnell Hall Puzzle Lady Mystery #18 1/17
River City Dead Nancy G. West Aggie Mundeen Mystery #4 1/17
Death of the Big Kahuna Catherine Bruns Aloha Lagoon Mysteries #6 1/17

Week of January 22 through January 28

Title Author Series Date
Masked to Death Christina Freeburn Faith Hunter Scrap This Mystery #5 1/24
Hollywood Deception Gemma Halliday & Anna Snow Hollywood Headlines Mystery #4 1/24

Week of January 29 through January 31

Title Author Series Date
Fever in the Dark Ellen Hart Jane Lawless Mystery #24 1/31
A Death at the Yoga Cafe Michelle Kelly Keeley Carpenter #2 1/31
Requiem for a Mezzo Carola Dunn Daisy Dalrymple Mystery #3 1/31
A Palette for Murder Sybil Johnson Aurora Anderson Mystery #3 1/31
Franki Amato Mysteries Boxed Set Traci Andrighetti Franki Amato Mysteries #1-3 1/31



  1. Gwen Ellington

    I love puns! These titles sound delightful!!

  2. Tutuapp

    But remember, each area relates to another, so you won’t necessarily benefit from focusing all of your attention on one area to the detriment of others.

  3. Showbox

    Give each area a ranking from 1-10, with 1 being the poorest rank and 10 being the best.

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