It’d Be a Crime Not To Watch These Movies This Weekend!

If it’s as hot where you are as it is at Crime HQ, then you’re looking for just about any way to cool down. My big plan is to hit the movie theaters and use someone else’s air conditioning! With so many great movies either recently out or coming out today, it’s a perfect excuse to cool down and watch some seriously awesome flicks.

• Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter

Yes, indeed, before, and, if this film is to be believed, during our 16th president’s term of office, he was a vampire slayer. His mother, in that famous log cabin, was murdered by vampires, and Abe goes off on a mission of revenge and redemption.

Why you should watch: Three reasons: An axe-wielding Abraham Lincoln (one of my favorite presidents), some awesome, slow-motion action scenes, and oh yeah, the vampires are the ones who start the Civil War. ’Nough said.

• Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

As you may or may not have guessed, I like me a good Armageddon story, and as Crime HQ’s Christopher Morgan pointed out, the title of this movie pretty much guarantees there is no way this can have a happily ever after. But, then again, it might. Anything with Steve Carell and Keira Knightly can’t be all bad, right?

Why you should watch: It makes the idea of an asteroid slamming into the earth and destroying life as we know it seem charming. Plus, based on the trailer, it is strong on the dark humor and really begs the question of what would you do at the End of Days.

• Prometheus

This bad boy has been out for a week now, and is still going strong. It’s been billed as the prequel to Alien, but I’m calling shenanigans. A group of scientists and researchers go into outer space to a planet they believe has been sending messages to Earth for thousands of years.

Why you should watch: Michael Fassbender. As an android. Plus psychopathic aliens with only one thing on their minds: destruction.


Honorable Mention:

Brave: I’ll definitely be seeing this one this weekend. As a fellow redhead, it’s really my duty to go out and support the heroine. Plus, she’s Pixar’s first female heroine.

Our main character, Merida, is a Scottish princess who wants to escape marriage to some pretty incompetent looking suitors and make her own path. In my estimation she makes that dubious decision to “change her fate”—usually those are famous last words in the vague world of spells. Cute, family-friendly, and a bit of adventure, I can’t wait.


  1. Clare 2e

    I’m down with Abe and possibly Brave and Prometheus. I’m sort of a chicken about the let’s watch our world die stories, exception Hitchiker’s Guide where Adams did it so often I got to like it. I saw a funny comment where someone said the heroine’s hair in Brave took more computer horsepower to animate than all of Cars 2. Cruelties!

  2. FABR Steph

    I would love to see Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter, but have not gotten to the book, but I look forward to seeing it. This is my first time seeing the trailer for the Armageddan movie. It looks like a nice drama and comedy mix. Thank you for sharing it. – FABR Steph

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