In Pursuit of Spenser: Love Him, Like This Facebook Sweepstakes!

In Pursuit of Spenser: Mystery Writers on Robert B. Parker and the Creation of an American HeroSpenser, the Boston private detective created by Robert B. Parker, has inspired legions of readers and writers alike. To commemorate his influence, editor Otto Penzler assembled a monster list of crime authors to share their affection for this icon. Their contributions became In Pursuit of Spenser: Mystery Writers on Robert B. Parker and the Creation of an American Hero. 

The collection features Ace Atkins (now writing the Spenser novels), Lawrence Block, Reed Farrel Coleman, Max Allan Collins and Matthew Clemens, Brendan DuBois, Loren D. Estleman, Lyndsay Faye, Ed Gorman, Parnell Hall, Jeremiah Healy, Dennis Lehane, Gary Phillips, and S.J. Rozan. Furthermore, there’s a reprinted article on Spenser from the creator himself.

From the Boston locales, to Hawk and Susan’s characters, to Spenser’s humor and culinary prowess, the essays revel in everything that makes this series a classic, and there’s even time for Parker’s westerns and Jesse Stone.

So go to the Facebook Page for Crime HQ’s In Pursuit of Spenser Sweepstakes and enter by 11:59 a.m. on June 4, 2012, for your chance to win a copy!


  1. Clydia DeFreese

    Thanks for the sweepstakes.

  2. YvonneJ

    Love the sweepstakes. I am a long-time Spencer fan and am looking forward to reading this. I just brought home Lullaby and it’s next up on by TBR list.

  3. Jim Belcher

    Why do I have to go to another location to enter the sweeps? I am not a facebooker and do not want to be.

  4. Clare 2e

    @librarypops Criminal Element is on Facebook and Twitter and has Pinterest boards, too, with live crime fans posting unique items there for people who enjoy those social media platforms. Some of them may not be blog site visitors like you (and tx very much for being one!), but enjoy participating through these other channels instead or in addition.

    We’ll never stop offering great sweepstakes right here, and there’s usually one or more every week! However, we also want to offer unique opportunities for people who are part of the community on those other platforms. We announce the information here so that people who use both websites and Facebook can take advantage, but if that’s not you, no worries! We’ll always have more good stuff coming, and you can pick and choose what best fits your style!

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