iMori App: Because It’s Not Just Your Signal Dying

A sad photo of a dead warbler on a stump was posted for sale as an artistic memento mori, a once-common reminder to viewers of their own human mortality. However inexplicably, Regretsy objects to the fustiness of the concept:

Oh, is that what this is for? To remind me of my own death? Holy sh*t, that’s fantastic! Because you know, the gray hair and the life insurance spam wasn’t keeping that top of mind. But a dead bird on a tree stump is really going to put that on the front burner, so thanks for that.

The only problem is, what if I forget to look at it? I mean there’s a slight chance that I might not obsess over my own looming demise every day, because I’m like that. I might forget for two seconds that eventually my heart is going to stop beating, and everyone I ever loved will also be dead, and no one will even know that we were here.

Hey, I know!

Oh, please make that app. Please.


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