How Important Is Beer?

Carlsberg Beer, at the center of the ridiculous law
Do you *really* need it?
Well, according to a Lithuanian court, it is absolutely essential. So essential, in fact, that beer brewers at the Carlsberg factory there were not allowed to strike, the same way air traffic controllers are not allowed to strike here.

According to Lowering the Bar, our source for all essential legal news,

The leader of a British union that represents Carlsberg workers in the UK objected to the decision.

“This is probably the most ridiculous decision in the world,” said Jennie Formby, who apparently does not read this blog or she’d know better. “Of course many people think beer is great,” she continued, “but it does not save lives.”

I don’t know about that. I believe the fact that my husband can have a beer when he gets home has saved his life…because otherwise I might get irritated and kill him. And I doubt I am the only potentially homicidal spouse!


  1. Christopher Morgan

    I for one fully support this type of forward thinking, progressive style of leadership. If only we had a politician in America willing to fight for such a noble cause. I lift my glass to you Lithuania, for you are truly the avant-garde of a brighter future.

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