Feel Like Yeti Hunting? There Are Laws…

In 1959, a foreign service memo (you can see the entire thing at Blastr) listed the three regulations for hunting Yeti in Nepal:

1. Royalty of Rs. 5000/- Indian Currency will have to be paid to His Majesty's Government of Nepal for a permit to carry out an expedition in search of 'Yeti'.

2. In case 'Yeti' is traced it can be photographed or caught alive but it must not be killed or shot at except in an emergency arising out of self defence. All photographs taken of the animal, the creature itself if captured alive or dead, must be surrended to the Government of Nepal at the earliest time. 

3. News and reports throwing light on the actual existence of the creature must be submitted to the Government of Nepal as soon as they are available and must not in any way be given out to the Press or Reporters for publicity without the permission of the Government of Nepal.

Are these regulations still in force? We have no idea…who's up for a Yeti hunt to find out?


  1. Dorothy Hayes

    Funny, Laura. But I like yeties to run free!!! I will hunt with my camera, however.

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