Don’t Taze Me, Roo!

Go ahead, make my day.It's unsure what would come of the nation without Florida. It seems as though the whole state has to be able to take a hard look at themselves and laugh. But especially the police force. The boys in blue in the Sunshine State get called on to take care of a lot of crazy. And when two different police departments were called on two tame unruly wildlife.

On two separate occasions, and in two completely isolated incidents both a Llama and an Kangaroo where forcibly subdued by Florida police officers. In Tallahassee, Scooter the llama escaped his pen. The 7 year old llama managed to evade authorities and lead them on a very merry chase down the middle of the road, only to be finally taken down by a Taser. Meanwhile, outside of Tampa, police chased a kangaroo for 10 hours before finally bringing down the errant marsupial with tranquilizers.

Scooter's owner weren't cited for any kind of damages, and in Florida, llamas are considered a domestic species, therefor not requiring a special permit to own. Florida officials also say that you can own a kangaroo as long as you get the popular permits, however no one has come forward to claim the “Hop-a-Long Roo” (see what I did there?).

Say it with me, only in Florida…