Discount: A Futuristic PI Debut Ebook

Three A.M. by Steven JohnIn a not-so distant future, John Vale is scraping by as a private investigator in his fog-covered, crime-filled city in Three A.M. by Steven John.

Fifteen years of mist. So thick the streets fade off into nothing. So thick the past is hazy at best. The line between right and wrong has long been blurred, especially for Thomas Vale.

Long gone are the days when new beginnings seemed possible—when he was a new recruit, off to a new start fresh in the army. He had hoped to never look back. Not like there was much to see, anyway.

First came the sickness, followed by the orders: herd the healthy into the city, shoot the infected. The gates closed and the bridges came down… followed by the mist.

Fifteen miserable years of the darkest nights and angry, awful gray days.

Thomas Vale can hardly fathom why he keeps waking up in the morning. For a few more days spent stumbling along? Another night drinking alone? Another hour keeping the shadows at bay…

when Rebecca Ayers walks into his life, the answers come fast. Too fast.

The e-book has been down-priced to $2.99 until April 30, 2013.

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