Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency 1.05: “Very Erectus” Episode Review

We know that everything is connected—and in this episode, we really start to see it. Nothing is really made clear, though, so let’s not get too excited. But things do start to link back, so that’s a start.

Rimmer (Aaron Douglas) has just killed the groupie/girlfriend of Lux Dujour. Since he’s left Dujour’s body and entered Rimmer’s, he has decided to give up his previous connection to the rock star and everything that went along with him. Well, everything except the white fur coat. He doesn’t seem to be able to part with that, so he throws the guitar in the dumpster and keeps the coat. More on that later.

Our holistic assassin, Bart (Fiona Dourif), is back and looking for Dirk in downtown Seattle. Ken (Mpho Koaho) convinces her to stay at a hotel, and she takes a shower! I’ve been secretly hoping for this moment since Episode 1, but I didn’t want to be too petty. It’s nice to see her clean herself up before she goes out on another murder spree. Apparently, patience isn’t one of the skills required to be an assassin, so she doesn’t last long in the hotel room. She’s just dying to get her hands on Dirk.

Dirk (Samuel Barnett) and Todd (Elijah Wood) head toward the location shown in last week’s treasure map. At a diner, Todd collides with a waitress who spills a tray of food all over him. Dirk buys him a shirt at the gift shop of the restaurant that has an American flag on it. Here’s where we connect to Episode 1. Todd flashes back to the scene he witnessed from the elevator of the hotel on the day Patrick Spring was murdered. He saw himself dressed in the exact same shirt, and get this: he was wearing Lux Dujour’s fur coat over it.

Meanwhile, Todd’s sister Amanda (Hannah Marks) gets in the van with the Rowdy 3. We find out that the Rowdy 3 are “Project Incubus”—the first subjects taken into Black Wing. They “subside through the extortion of psychic energy” and were originally classified as Vampires, according to Colonel Riggins (Miguel Sandoval). Remember, he has been tasked with trying to bring them back in, but they’re really having none of it. We also find out the Rowdy 3 are following Dirk because his energy tastes so good. Um, yeah … okay.

The two cops who are on Rimmer’s trail end up at the zoo where he used to work. They find out that there is an abandoned building on zoo property that Rimmer had access to. It’s a condemned Animal Transfer Unit. They enter and find dead bodies everywhere, including the missing FBI agent.

Back to Dirk and Todd. They’ve arrived at some unknown destination and start digging a bunch of holes in the ground looking for the treasure because, according to Dirk, treasure is always buried. Just when they’re about to give up, they start to find different electrical components that fit together and form what Dirk believes to be scientist Edgar Spring’s Unlimited Energy Device.

Before they can leave with the device, the bad guys show up and it gets really freaky. For some strange reason, Dirk throws the kitten (found in the hotel room where Patrick Spring was murdered) at the bad guy who has a crossbow and is shooting at them. The other bad guy yells for the first to look out because “he’s got the shark.” Shark? In midair, the kitten looks to be electrified and changes into the outline of a hammerhead shark. Crossbow bad guy is torn in half, reminiscent of the way Spring’s body was found at the crime scene in the hotel.

I smell a SyFy Original coming soon…

Todd: “A kitten and a shark. The kitten is the shark.”
Dirk: “Todd, I think we found the murder weapon.”

If you recall, when Amanda was having one of her episodes and the Rowdy 3 sucked out her energy, one of the flashes she had was that of a hammerhead shark. So, this is our second tie into what might, in some alternate universe, be an explanation. Further in the spirit of explanations, Dirk and Todd have a heart-to-heart where Dirk tries to explain to Todd that he’s not psychic but that he gets intuitions. Oh yeah, clear as mud Dirk, thanks a bunch.

Todd was a bit whiny in this episode and got quite irritating when he got all down on himself and told Dirk what a horrible person he—Todd—is and that he’s not a good friend, etc. Hopefully, he got it all out of his system and we won’t have to hear any more.

We’re on Episode 5 of 8, so it might be a good time to admit that I’ve never read anything by Douglas Adams—of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy fame. He wrote Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, and the more I watch, the more I’m curious about the books. Many times the book is better than the movie/show, so it would be interesting to find out how closely Max Landis, the show’s creator, follows Adams’s original work. I will, of course, wait until after Episode 8 so that there are no spoilers.

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