Death Watch Counts Down Your Life, Comes in Black

Tikker Death WatchAmong many new ventures one can fund on Kickstarter is this one: Tikker is a death watch that collects health questionnaire answers and your current age to let you proudly sport a digital countdown toward your estimated demise. This is designed to help wearers value life more, and accordingly, not to waste time—most particularly it seems on negative emotions and skipping vacations.

Not to be a naysayer *ahem,* but there are plenty of stories where rage, pride, revenge, and even plain old boredom become potent motivation for positive outcomes. Just the effort of trying to achieve almost anything can be frustrating and misery-making. Most victory laps have a jagged path of fits and starts, advancements and setbacks in their wake. Perhaps one's individual contentedness really is the most important product of every moment (Not happy?…What about now? Halt valueless activity! Embrace the Smiley Face!). But then again, pain and failure only persist until the moment they don't. As Edison said, “I believe that restlessness is discontent, and discontent is merely the first necessity of progress.”

Here's the somewhat creepy pitch video, so you can judge the whole death watch concept for yourself!

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