Cupcakes and a Kill Table! The Sweet Science of Homeland and Dexter

Through the end of today, the Showtime Experience is taking over part of Grand Central Terminal and dedicating it to the sweet science behind Dexter and Homeland. Yesterday, some of us from CrimeHQ went to poke around. Cool stuff to do, great fan art, and plenty of baked carnage courtesy of Magnolia Bakery. Here's a “slide show”—you got that right, Dex fans:

About the collage: Using the first season scene in which Saul helps put together Carrie’s wall of evidence against Brody as inspiration, artist Ian Wright created this collage designed to take us inside Carrie’s mind and to present her MO.

Close-up really shows the construction:

Guests can pose here with velcro-strapped plastic wrap, and the image is e-mailed to the cops them. There are also temporary tattoos of Dexter’s trademark trophy slice for each victim’s cheek.

Here’s a polygraph station that Homeland set up to evaluate what talent guests have for lying. How many Emmys did we just win? Confess!

There were samples of an upcoming Dexter videogame. Run him around Miami—take the station wagon!

Just one wall of the great work Dexter fans made on one of five themes: The Dark Passenger, Favorite Victim, Slice of Life, The Kill Room, and Season Six’s Shocking Finale.

Magnolia created their own artwork in the Slice of Life Red Velvet cake.

Disgusting to look at, divine to consume. (Yes, there were sweet freebies, too, but hurry, because the exhibition ends today.)

Kill Table image via Dexter Daily.


  1. Deborah Lacy

    This promotion looks really cool – except for the cake that really does look disgusting, but anything from Magnolia tastes great. Wish I could have seen it. The collage is fabulous.

  2. Diego Mesa

    Hi!!! I went past friday 28 and got the picture at the killing table, but I never get the mail. Can you send it to me somehow? I was with a red T-shirt and my mail was diegoamesa… maybe you misspelled it Thanks!

  3. Clare 2e

    I had trouble getting mine, too, the first time. We didn’t run the event–we just attended it like you did. Sorry not to be able to be more helpful!

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