Crime Through Time: Marc A. Hermann’s NYC Photo Mashups

Photo Credit: Marc A. Hermann, NY Daily News

It's been said that you can never truly outrun the past, and photographer Marc A. Hermann has used that notion as inspiration in his “Then and Now” series where archived photos from the newspaper's past have been digitally mashed-up with modern photos depicting the same location. From the Daily News:

New York City's rich photo history has been well documented by the Daily News through the years. Many of the places, stories, and lives lived by New Yorkers who have come before us are still alive and well, but locked in photography archives. Marc A. Hermann, historian of the New York Press Photographers Association, has juxtaposed then and now photos of New York City, bringing back to life people and stories of the Big Apple's past.

As you scroll through all of Hermann's mashups, it's startling to see just how quickly everyone adapts and moves forward. Whether it's a dead gangster (the above picture depicts the death of mob man Frankie Yale in Brooklyn in 1928) or a scorched storefront, New York City has moved on to hide its past, but thanks to Hermann, it's easy to remember.

Check out the full “New York City Then and Now” series on the Daily News' website!

HT: Thanks to The Lineup for putting this on our radar.

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