Cozy Bookshelf Shopping List: June, 2017

Discover (or remember to order) your next cozy with a delightfully convenient shopping list of upcoming soft-boiled mysteries! Last month, we got beautiful weather and great cozies; this month, head into summer with more amazing books! Let us know in the comments how you like it and what you can't wait to read next!

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Criminal Element's June 2017 Cozy Bookshelf Shopping List!

Week of June 1 through June 7

Title Author Series Date
French Fried Kylie Logan Ethnic Eats Mystery #2 6/06
The Black Cat Sees His Shadow Kay Finch Bad Luck Cat Mystery #3 6/06
Patterned After Death Elizabeth Lynn Casey Southern Sewing Circle Mystery #12 6/06
A Grave Prediction Victoria Laurie Psychic Eye Mystery #14 6/06
Once Upon a Spine Kate Carlisle Bibliophile Mystery #11 6/06
Only Skein Deep Maggie Sefton Knitting Mystery #15 6/06
Fatal Forgeries Ritter Ames Bodies of Art Mystery #4 6/06
Cookies & Chance Mysteries Boxed Set Catherine Bruns Cookies & Chance Mysteries #1-3 6/06

Week of June 8 through June 14

Title Author Series Date
Treble at the Jam Fest Leslie Budewitz Food Lovers' Village Mystery #4 6/08
A Just Clause Lorna Barrett Booktown Mystery #11 6/13
Fatal Facade Wendy Tyson Allison Campbell Mystery #4 6/13
Aloha Lagoon Mysteries Boxed Set Vol. 1 Leslie Langtry, Sally J. Smith, Jean Steffens & Beth Prentice Aloha Lagoon Mysteries #1-3 6/13

Week of June 15 through June 21

Title Author Series Date
A Death in the Flower Garden Gin Jones & Elizabeth Ashby Danger Cove Farmers' Market Mystery #14 6/20

Week of June 22 through June 28

Title Author Series Date
A Crime of Passion Fruit Ellie Alexander Bakeshop Mystery #6 6/27
Enforcing the Paw Diane Kelly Paw Enforcement #6 6/27
Grace to the Finish Julie Hyzy Manor House Mystery #8 6/27
A Ghostly Light Juliet Blackwell Haunted Home Renovation Mystery #7 6/27
Lowcountry Bonfire Susan M. Boyer Liz Talbot Mystery #6 6/27



  1. MaryC

    Treble At The Jam Fest is available right now. Just finished reading my library’s copy.


    What kind of school does not have a library? Ugh. That should be a pre-req for a charter or any other school.

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