Cozy Bookshelf Shopping List: April 2018

Discover (or remember to order) your next cozy with a delightfully convenient shopping list of upcoming soft-boiled mysteries! Last month, we welcomed spring with great March cozies; this month, April showers bring awesome reads! Let us know in the comments how you like it and what you can't wait to read next!

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Criminal Element's April 2018 Cozy Bookshelf Shopping List!

Week of April 1 through April 7

Title Author Series Date
Lost Books and Old Bones Paige Shelton Scottish Bookshop Mystery #3 4/3
Queen Anne's Lace Susan Wittig Albert China Bayles Mystery #26 4/3
Wedding Cake Crumble Jenn McKinlay Cupcake Bakery Mystery #10 4/3
A Magical Match Juliet Blackwell Witchcraft Mystery #9 4/3
Cinco de Murder Rebecca Adler Taste of Texas Mystery #3 4/3
Murder in the Bowery Victoria Thompson Gaslight Mystery #20 4/3
Pushing Up Daisies (short story collection) Gemma Halliday, Jackson Stein, and more!   4/3

Week of April 8 through April 14

Title Author Series Date
Danger Cove Mysteries Boxed Set Vol. V Nicole Leiren, Gin Jones, Sally J. Smith, Jean Steffens & Elizabeth Ashby Danger Cove Mysteries #13-15 4/10

Week of April 15 through April 21

Title Author Series Date
Nun After the Other Alice Loweecey Giulia Driscoll Mystery #5 4/17
Shot in the Dark Cleo Coyle Coffeehouse Mystery #17 4/17

Week of April 22 through April 28

Title Author Series Date
Antique Blues Jane K. Cleland Josie Prescott Antiques Mystery #12 4/24
The Marmalade Murders Elizabeth J. Duncan Penny Brannigan Mystery #9 4/24
Motto for Murder Leslie Langtry Merry Wrath Mystery #6 4/24
Antiques Wanted Barbara Allan Trash 'N' Treasures Mystery #12 4/24
Hide and Sneak G. A. McKevett Savannah Reid Mystery #23 4/24
Death of a Cookbook Author Lee Hollis Hayley Powell Mystery #10 4/24
Expiration Date Devon Delaney Cook-Off Mystery #1 4/24
Murder in the Locked Library Ellery Adams Book Retreat Mystery #1 4/24
Murder Most Fermented Christine E. Blum Rose Avenue Wine Club Mystery #2 4/24
Bleeding Tarts Kirsten Weiss Pie Town Mystery #2 4/24
Read Herring Hunt V. M. Burns Mystery Bookshop #2 4/24


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