But First, Let Me Take a Shelfie

Photo courtesy of BitLit.

Don't you hate it when you find yourself with some unexpected free time, but the book you're in the middle of is inconveniently back at home, thus leaving you to try and match like-colored candies? We hate that too! But thanks to the folks at BitLit, you can now carry your books with you at all times without having to buy both physical and e-copies!

BitLit asks users to take a “shelfie,” or a photo of their bookcase. BitLit will then provide users with a list of which books are available for free download. After users verify that the book is actually theirs by signing the copyright page, BitLit will email an ebook copy to the user's email address. And then next time you find yourself waiting at the permanently-backed-up doctor's office, you'll be able to knock out a few chapters rather than a few green pigs.