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The Top 6 Moments of Iris Johansen’s Margaret Douglas

Everybody loves Iris Johansen's animal-whispering character Margaret Douglas! Read about some of her best moments & make sure to sign in and comment below for a chance to win a copy of No Easy Target!

Iris Johansen has given us so many fascinating characters over the years. Kendra Michaels, the music therapist who uses her new sense of sight and keen observational skills to help the FBI; Seth Caleb, the mysterious man with the “talent” of manipulating blood for both good and bad reasons; and of course, Eve Duncan, the forensic sculptor who dedicates her life to bringing peace to the dead once her young daughter was kidnapped and killed.

Among these (and many more) is the enigmatic, animal whisperer, Margaret Douglas. We meet Margaret in Taking Eve when she helps search for Eve after saving Jane’s dog, Toby, after he was poisoned. Margaret takes center stage for the first time in Iris Johansen’s new thriller, No Easy Target. Take a look at some of our favorite Margaret moments from over the years and tell us yours in the comments!

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In Taking Eve...

The first time we meet Margaret, she’s brought in to consult on Toby, Jane’s dog. Jane is resistant, but once she sees Margaret’s immediate bond with Toby, she realizes Margaret may be a bit peculiar but has an undeniable connection with animals. Margaret told them Toby had been injected with a poison and had four hours to live. She saved his life and earned Jane’s trust—both difficult feats to accomplish.

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In Hunting Eve...

People aren’t always pleased with what Margaret finds out from the animals she’s reading. But when she learned from a wolf that Eve was taken out of the building before it exploded—and was in fact, alive—everyone was thankful for Margaret and her gift.

In Shadow Play...

When Eve is trying to persuade a photographer to look through her files for a missing girl, Margaret connects with the photographer’s Persian cat, Royal. The photographer isn’t pleased to hear her cat doesn’t like the new food her husband is feeding him. The cat had planned a hunger strike, and Margaret figured she could help move things along.

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In Hunting Eve...

Margaret is definitely more comfortable with animals. She’s not oblivious to her awkward tendencies with other humans. However, even Margaret likes to have a little fun. She gave her new friends Jane and Caleb a hard time when she sent Caleb to the hospital under the pretense that Jane needed him. It led to a memorable scene between Caleb and Jane with that classic biting banter and tons of chemistry we love to see from those two!

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In Shadow Play...

Margaret always leaves a strange first impression, but Sheriff John Nalchek was caught off guard when he encountered a young woman digging around the grave he was guarding. Eventually, Nalchek uncuffs her and lets her do thing. This time, her “thing” included tasting the dirt, which horrified Nalchek. But it’s like Margaret and Eve said, it’s not like she ate it.

In Silencing Eve...

Often Margaret needs to finagle her way into restricted areas in order to investigate. That can mean climbing fences, finding hidden paths, and sometimes sweet-talking her way into Wrigley Field on game day. Margaret pretends to be the daughter of another stadium’s custodian who is looking for a job application. How she managed to get escorted to behind the scoreboard to find some rats—we’ll never know.

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1. maryc
Happy that Margaret's getting her own book!
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I would love to read a book starring Margaret. Wish me luck!
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I love an animal whisperer. Thanks for the opportunity to win a book
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Looks like I've missed a couple of books in the series -- I'll have to remedy that!
Laura Wilder
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I've never read any books by Iris Johansen. It looks like I've got many good stories ahead of me!
9. LStirling
What a great gift to have, reading animals. A great way to solve mysteries, too. No one thinks to hide their actions from the animals around them. Love that Margaret is getting her own book. I'd love to win it!
Barbara Bibel
10. bbibel
This sounds interesting. I would love to read it.
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13. Rhobar
I have not read her yet but would like to start.
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The novel sounds intriguing. What a creative author.
18. lindawwww
I love Iris Johansen. The characters in her books are so real.
Lori Provenzano
20. Mountainesque
I'd like to think of myself as an animal whisperer although I'm sure the animals would disagree. Seems like this would be a very engaging series, especially for animal lovers of all spots or stripes.
ellie lewis
21. italia
his would be greatly enjoyed. All Iris Johansen's novels are unique.
22. Carl Scott
I've heard great things about this series and I'd love to win a copy of
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This is a wonderful series and I hope a deserving individual wins.
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sounds like just the read for me.
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Anything Iris Johansen writes is something I read!
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It sounds like an interesting read by a great author.
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I'd love to win.
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Great author. I've read many of her books, but it looks like I missed a few.
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I like Iris Johansen and am very interested in Margaret. Thank you
Esther Whatley
36. ewhatley
I've read, and enjoyed, many Johansen novels. Would love to win this one.
Esther Whatley
36. ewhatley
I've read, and enjoyed, many Johansen novels. Would love to win this one.
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40. hippiechick1955
I own several Iris Johansen books . I just love her writing!
Mary Ann Woods
41. puttputt1198eve
Never miss her books! Thanks for a chance to wi one.
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I love Iris Johansen! I would love a chance to win!
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communicate with animals-book sounds good
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I first read Ms Johansen's books in the early '80s when she was writing for Loveswept.
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I would love to win! Love this author!
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Iris rocks! I'd love to win NO EASY TARGET. Thanks.
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Would love to win - looks like a good read.
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New author for me - I would like to get acquainted.
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I haven't heard of this series. I want to know what I'm missing
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Would like to read this author new to me.
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It's been a while since I've read one of her books but, I alwys enjoy them.
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I have read most of Johansen's work and love it and would really appreciate winning her new novel!
Darlene Slocum
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I have liked all of Iris's books that I have read. Fascinating!
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I jump at the chance to read another Iris Johanson book. I hope I win
Suzanne Shields
65. AmeK
I don't think I could pick a favorite among Johanson's many boos; I've loved all that I've read.
Suzanne Shields
65. AmeK
I don't think I could pick a favorite among Johanson's many boos; I've loved all that I've read.
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