Mar 7 2017 4:00pm

Which CSI Series Is Your Favorite?

Ever since CSI: Crime Scene Investigation premiered on October 6, 2000, forensics has played a huge role in police procedurals and crime shows. The success of the original CSI has led to three different spin-off series, each focusing heavily on the importance of the collection of evidence and scientific analysis of crime scenes in solving crimes. 

With a collective 36 seasons and 797 episodes of CSI, it’s one of the most successful series in television history. But which series is YOUR favorite? 


Let us know which series you chose and why in the comments below!

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Jean Dickinson
1. justjean
The original of any series is often the best, even when the central character changes. Some think that new settings with brand new characters are best and illustrate more advanced techniques in forensic science. Some choose the setting itself as main "draw". I enjoy ALL and have watched 90% of each on dvds "courtesy of" my library. I have chosen the original CSI as it meets all of my criteria listed.
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