Apr 3 2015 9:30am

Announcing The M.O.’s “Long Gone” Story!

Thanks for a great election turnout! We're delighted to announce that the story we'll be publishing in its entirety is...

“Fix Me” by S.W. Lauden

All the stories were terrific, and any would have made a fantastic debut for our new, themed short fiction program. Thanks to all who shared submissions with us, even if the breadth and quality of stories did make it awful work to narrow down the shortlist.

Give us a couple of weeks to get the selected story a dynamite cover, to format it for downloading if and as you choose, and meet back here on Friday, April 17th to read the whole thing at last!

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Nancy Brewka-Clark
1. Nancy Brewka-Clark
Congratulations to S.W. Lauden-looking forward to reading the story and am thrilled to have been part of of the M.O.
2. Sarah M. Chen
Congrats to S.W. Lauden. Can't wait to read the story in full!
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