May 1 2012 8:45am

Gambling On—or With—Sherlock

Sherlock at the Murder Mansion Slot MachineLast week I was away. Our timeshare offers many things my normal life does not—beaches, drinks with umbrellas in them, someone else making the beds, and gambling. Now, I am not a big gambler. I play penny slots. I sometimes bet as much as fifty cents on a single bet. Woohoo!

Sherlock at the Murder Mansion Slot MachineBut the thing I like best about the penny slots are the bonus rounds. Since slot machines went electronic with touchscreens, these can be very elaborate...ordering food off a menu, picking pirates who will dance for you, having your “rich uncle” read his will to tell you what you’ve been left, even going into the hospital and getting a bill for services rendered.

And on this trip...I solved mysteries on a game called Sherlock at the Murder Mansion. If you get to the bonus round, you get to attempt to “solve a murder.” You have five possible weapons and five suspects. You choose one of each. If you miss, the game gives you a clue you can use to help you the next round. (The clues are things like “the knife was used only for cooking.”) It’s actually quite a bit of fun! Silly, I know, but more entertaining than just watching the wheels go round and round.

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1. Marcelo Carrizo
Where are these machines please!

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