BBC’s Sherlock: Preparing for Reichenbach with Baker Street Irregulars

Reichenbach Falls in Switzerland
Reichenbach Falls in Switzerland
This morning I was at a brunch, the closing event for the Baker Street Irregulars’ birthday weekend of festivities in New York. (Almost English breakfast—much meat of various compositions and shapes! Beans on toast!) Sherlockians have come to regard January 6th as Holmes’ birthday, and therefore, annually, there’s a nearby celebration in New York City among the BSI, the largest and oldest group. Read more about the calculation of this birthdate at the NYT City Room blog, from which I also grab this:

The Baker Street Irregulars gathering, started in 1934 by the literary essayists Christopher Morley and Vincent Starrett, has become incredibly elaborate, featuring a full-dress banquet, an endowed lecture, a theatrical performance, cocktail parties and special breakfasts over several days. The Baker Street Irregulars, which is named for a ragtag group of street urchins that Mr. Holmes occasionally hires in his book, has included among its members Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman, and Isaac Asimov.

Until the early 1990s, the organization was open to men only. (In response, women formed the Adventuresses of Sherlock Holmes.) [ASH]

At this morning’s cozy gathering of BSI and ASH, I met Sherlock fans whose knowledge is impressively deep and wide, not to mention coursing with dangerously lively current. One subject under discussion was the third and last episode of this season’s Sherlock on the BBC, entitled “The Reichenbach Fall” and set to air in the UK tonight, well, their tonight which was still our yesterday. Anyway, we’ll get it over here on PBS in May.

If the mere R-word doesn’t curdle your marrow with dread, and you’re spoiler-averse, be cautious about following the Project Reichenbach link. If you know what’s up, then you must be both distraught and fascinated to learn what Gatiss and Moffatt will unpack in their unique re-invention of The Great Detective. The fabulous Baker Street Babes are certainly discomfited, and have created a funny, fan-centric video guide, Project Reichenbach, to make sure you never forget “The Adventure of the Empty House” will happen. . .

Dear Sherlockians. You are not alone. Learn what your provisions must be. Get mentally prepared. And don’t let what happens to Curly, happen to you. Oh, and enjoy the hedgehog.

For extra juiciness, here’s a spoiler-free clip which aired during a charming Martin Freeman appearance. (Viewing complete interview especially recommended for lovers of ’shipping and hobbit-y sideburns.)

Get Ready to Fall!

Image via An Unexplored Wilderness.