Cozy Bookshelf Shopping List: April, 2015

This is merely a tiny sample of the month’s releases. Go browse them all!
We want to help you discover (or remember to order) your next cozy with this brand-new, delightfully convenient shopping list of upcoming soft-boiled mysteries! Our first installment lists the titles, by week and series, coming out in April (we also sneaked in March 31st…shh!). Let us know in the comments how you like it and what you can't wait to read next!

Criminal Element's April 2015 Cozy Bookshelf Shopping List!


Week of March 31 through April 6
Title   Author   Series   Date
The Cat Sitter's Whiskers   Blaize and John Clement   Dixie Hemingway Series #10   03/31
Poison Ivy   Cynthia Riggs   Martha's Vineyard #11   03/31
Killer Gourmet   G.A. McKevett   Savannah Reid Series #20   03/31
Slayed on the Slopes   Kate Dyer-Seeley   Pacific Northwest Mystery #2   03/31
Tails, You Lose   Carol J. Perry   Witch City Series #2   03/31
The Icing on the Corpse   Liz Mugavero   Pawsitively Organic Series #3   03/31
Marked Fur Murder   Dixie Lyle   Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot #3   03/31
Week of April 7 through April 13
Title   Author   Series   Date
Murder She Wrote: Killer in the Kitchen   Jessica Fletcher and Donald Bain   Murder She Wrote #43   04/07
The Cozy Cookbook   Laura Childs, Cleo Coyle, and more…   N/A   04/07
Bittersweet   Susan Wittig Albert   China Bayles Series #23   04/07
Pride v. Prejudice   Joan Hess   Claire Malloy Series #20   04/07
Demise in Denim   Duffy Brown   Consignment Shop Series #4   04/07
Dark Chocolate Demise   Jenn McKinlay   Cupcake Bakery Series #7   04/07
Lemon Pies and Little White Lies   Ellery Adams   Charmed Pie Shoppe Series #4   04/07
Shadow of a Spout   Amanda Cooper   Teapot Collector Series #2   04/07
Grave on Grand Avenue   Naomi Hirahara   Officer Ellie Rush Series #2   04/07
A Sticky Siutation   Jessie Crockett   Sugar Grove Series #3   04/07
A Fright to the Death   Dawn Eastman   Family Fortune Series #3   04/07
Wedding Duress   Elizabeth Lynn Casey   Southern Sewing Circle, #10   04/07
Buy a Whisker   Sofie Ryan   Second Chance Cat Series #2   04/07
The Readaholics and the Falcon Fiasco   Laura DiSilverio   Book Club Mystery #1   04/07
Wicked Stitch   Amanda Lee   Embroidery Mystery #8   04/07
Five-Alarm Fudge   Christine DeSmet   Fudge Shop Mystery #3   04/07
Bridges Burned   Annette Dashofy   Zoe Chambers Series #3   04/07
Saving Cecil   Lee Mims   Cleo Cooper Series #3   04/08
Week of April 14 through April 20
Title   Author   Series   Date
Slated for Death   Elizabeth J. Duncan   Penny Brannigan Series #6   04/14
With Vics You Get Eggroll   Diane Vallere   Mad for Mod Mystery #3   04/14
Week of April 21 through April 28
Title   Author   Series   Date
Lowcountry Boneyard   Susan M. Boyer   Liz Talbot Series #3   04/21
A Catered Mother's Day   Isis Crawford   Mystery with Recipes Series #11   04/28
Antiques Swap   Barbara Allen   Trash 'n' Treasures Series #9   04/28
Musseled Out   Barbara Ross   Maine Clambake Series #3   04/28
Oh Say Can You Fudge   Nancy Coco   A Candy-Coated Mystery #3   04/28



  1. Laura McDonald

    looking forward to a lot of these, thanks for the list! I had no idea so many were coming up.

  2. Terrie Farley Moran

    Great list!! If you keep publishing these lists, I could cozily go broke!

  3. Deanna Stillings

    I don’t think Barbara Ross’ entry is #9. Somewhat lower, I believe.

  4. Betsy Whitmarsh

    Love cozies!

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