Analog Volume 1: Comic Excerpt

Analog Volume 1 is a collection of the first five issues of Gerry Duggan and David O’Sullivan’s dystopian crime comic.

It’s 2024, and the internet is only for porn after the world is mass-doxxed. Every email, photo, and document ever sent rains down out of the cloud, and only a fool would send a secret over the web. This is the era of the “Paper Jockeys:” armed couriers with a briefcase of secrets that will get your sensitive information around the globe or die trying.

Human punching-bag Jack McGinnis and his partner Oona are two of the best couriers in the business. For a price, they’ll move your sensitive information where it needs to go as they fight off fascists, criminals, and spies.

Copyright © 2018 Gerry Duggan & David O’Sullivan.

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  1. Laurent L

    I love comics and graphic novels. Thanks for bringing these to my attention. I’ll check them out.

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