<i>Glimpse</i>: Excerpt Glimpse: Excerpt Jonathan Maberry A chilling thriller that explores what happens when reality and nightmares converge. Discount: <i>Collecting the Dead</i> by Spencer Kope Discount: Collecting the Dead by Spencer Kope Crime HQ Get a digital copy for only $2.99! Review: <i>The Temptation of Forgiveness</i> by Donna Leon Review: The Temptation of Forgiveness by Donna Leon Doreen Sheridan Read Doreen Sheridan's review! <i>Black and White Ball</i>: Excerpt Black and White Ball: Excerpt Loren D. Estleman PI Amos Walker and hitman Peter Macklin together for the first time!
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March 19, 2018
Q&A with Christi Daugherty, Author of The Echo Killing
Christi Daugherty and Crime HQ
March 16, 2018
Like Stealing Candy from... "Gumball Bandit" Steals Large Gumball Machine from Sacramento Animal Shelter
Adam Wagner
March 13, 2018
Q&A with Sebastian Rotella, Author of Rip Crew
Sebastian Rotella and John Valeri
March 9, 2018
Murder and Mayhem in Chicago
Lori Rader-Day and Dana Kaye
March 9, 2018
Robbery with a Chance of Meatballs: Man Steals Meatballs & Gets Caught Red-Handed
Adam Wagner
Mar 21 2018 4:30pm

Cooking the Books: Marinating In Murder by Linda Wiken

Event planner JJ Tanner is looking forward to a picnic outing with her Culinary Capers club—a group of friends who meet to choose recipes from a cookbook one member picks each month to put together a dinner from. The gang has met up in the driveway of one member, Alison Manovich, to convoy over to the picnic grounds. When Alison unlocks her SUV to load up the trunk with goodies, she has the shock of her life when she discovers a dead body inside. Worse still, it’s the body of her estranged husband, James Bailey.

Alison is a police officer, so she quickly alerts her colleagues and calmly accepts a suspension with pay while James’s death is being investigated. JJ is eager to do everything she can to help Alison; she has had some success helping solve murders in the past, after all. At first, Alison wants JJ to leave the investigating to the professionals. But then, they learn that James has been leading a double life with another wife in New York State, just an hour’s drive away from their Vermont town of Half Moon Bay.

Despite her shellshock, Alison knows that she needs all the help she can get. With the information Alison gives her and the invaluable help of former cop turned private detective Ty Devine, JJ sets out both to clear Alison’s name and figure out the enigma that was the dearly departed.

[Recipe and pictures included below!]

Mar 21 2018 3:30pm

The Glass Room by Ann Cleeves: A Visual Guide

GIFnotes: Giving you the basic plot summary of an upcoming book with the help of the Graphics Interchange Format.

From Crime Writers Association's Diamond Dagger Award winner Ann Cleeves comes The Glass Room, published for the first time in the US—take a visual tour of the fifth Vera Stanhope mystery with GIFnotes!

[Like CliffsNotes, but more fun...]

Mar 21 2018 1:00pm

Marvel’s Jessica Jones Season 2 Review: Episodes 5-7

Hello, and welcome back to my look at Season 2 of Netflix and Marvel's Jessica Jones, where Krysten Ritter plays the titular hard-drinking, haunted, superpowered, super sleuth. Last time, we kicked things off with a look at Episodes 1-4. Today, we'll finish the first half of the season with a look at Episode 5: “AKA The Octopus”; Episode 6: “AKA Facetime”; and Episode 7: “AKA I Want Your Cray Cray.” Once again, I'll be exploring the aspects of the show I thought did and did not work while using my perspective and knowledge as a longtime Marvel Comics fan and comic journalist to illuminate any Easter eggs or differences from the source materials you might have missed.

So put down that weird inhaler (are you sure it's for your allergies?), and let's go!

[Read Dave Richards’s review of Episodes 5-7…]

Mar 21 2018 12:00pm

5 New Books to Read this Week: March 20, 2018

Every Wednesday, we here at Criminal Element will put together a list of Staff Picks of the books that published the day before—sharing the ones that we are looking forward to reading the most!

This week, Steve Berry's latest Cotton Malone thriller combines with the final completed Mickey Spillane novel to highlight a killer week of books! See what else we're reading:

[See this week's Top 5...]

Mar 21 2018 10:00am

Jonathan Maberry Excerpt: Glimpse

Jonathan Maberry

Glimpse by Jonathan Maberry is a chilling thriller that explores what happens when reality and nightmares converge—and how far one will go to protect the innocent when their own brain is a threat (available March 27, 2018).

Rain Thomas is a mess. Seven years an addict and three difficult years clean. Racked by guilt for the baby she gave up for adoption when she was sixteen. Still grieving for the boy’s father who died in Iraq. Alone, discarded by her family, with only the damaged members of her narcotics anonymous meetings as friends. Them, and the voices in her head.

One morning, on the way to a much-needed job interview, she borrows reading glasses to review her resume. There is a small crack in one lens and through that damaged slice of glass she sees a young boy go running down the aisle of the subway train. Is he screaming with laughter or just screaming? When she tries to find the boy, he’s gone and no one has seen him.

The day spins out of control. Rain loses whole chunks of time. She has no idea where her days went. The voices she hears are telling her horrible things. And even stranger things are happening. Unsure whether she is going insane, Rain sets out to find answers to long buried questions about an earlier life she has avoided for years―in what may be the most dangerous collision of all, that between reality and nightmare.

How far will one person go to save someone they love?

[Read an excerpt from Glimpse...]

Mar 20 2018 4:00pm

Vote for Your Favorite New Crime TV Series


Let us know what you're watching in the comments below!

Mar 20 2018 3:00pm

Would You Like Murder with That? Catching up with AMC’s McMafia

Rich gangsters and rich executives have much in common. They have unlimited travel budgets, they don’t worry about the global roaming charges on their unlocked quad-band cell phones, they always stay in first-class digs even in the Third World, and they have to deal with supply snafus, bumbling employees, regulation, and competitors muscling in on their territory. The main difference is that when the gangsters say they “made a killing,” it’s not a figure of speech.

Global investment-fund manager Alex Godman finds out just how thin the line is between executive and Mafioso in AMC’s eight-part international crime series, McMafia.

[Read more about why you should be watching McMafia!]

Mar 20 2018 2:00pm

Discount: Collecting the Dead by Spencer Kope

Collecting the Dead by Spencer Kope is the first book in the Special Tracking Unit series featuring synesthete tracker Magnus “Steps” Craig.

In anticipation of Spencer Kope's second book in the Special Tracking Unit series, Whispers of the Dead (available April 17, 2018), get the first book in the series, Collecting the Dead, for only $2.99 through April 3rd!

Magnus “Steps” Craig is part of the elite three-man Special Tracking Unit of the FBI. Called in on special cases where his skills are particularly needed, he works as a tracker. The media dubs him “The Human Bloodhound,” since Steps is renowned for his incredible ability to find and follow trails over any surface better than anyone else. But there's a secret to his success. Steps has a special ability—a kind of synesthesia—where he can see the 'essence' of a person, something he calls 'shine,' on everything they've touched. His ability is known to only a few people—his father, the director of the FBI, and his partner, Special Agent Jimmy Donovan.

When the remains of a murdered woman are found, Steps recognizes the shine left by the murderer from another crime scene with a physically similar victim. And he uncovers the signature at both scenes—the mark of a sad face. At the same time, another killer, one Steps has dubbed Leonardo and has been trying to track for over ten years, appears again, taunting Steps. But while Steps tries to find a clue that will lead him to Leonardo, the case of the Sad Face Killer heats up. The team uncovers eleven possible victims: missing women who fit the same pattern. Using his skill and the resources of the Bureau, it is a race against time to find the killer before it's too late.

Read an excerpt from Collecting the Dead!


To learn more or order a copy, visit:

Buy at Amazon Buy at Barnes and NobleBuy at iTunes

Mar 20 2018 1:00pm

Why You Should Be Watching Hap & Leonard

Because it’s Joe Fucking Lansdale.

That really should be the end of this article. If you don’t know the work of Joe R. Lansdale, Hap & Leonard is a wonderful introduction to his most popular books. If you already enjoy his work, watching the series on Sundance is like reading the books for the first time again. They capture the tone and spirit perfectly and bring the characters to life, right down to Hap’s hippie soul and Leonard’s irascible, rugged individualism (and Nilla wafers). Which is quite a feat because, while Joe is a champion storyteller, his voice is a large part of what makes his work so enjoyable. Like Robert Parker, Walter Mosley, and Laura Lippman, he can write about something mundane and make it as gripping as a thriller because he writes with a voice that we follow like the little bouncing red ball over song lyrics, if you’re old enough to remember those.

[Read more about why you should be watching Hap & Leonard!]

Mar 20 2018 12:00pm

Review: The Temptation of Forgiveness by Donna Leon

The Temptation of Forgiveness by Donna Leon is the 27th novel in the bestselling Commissario Guido Brunetti mystery series, where a suspicious accident leads Brunetti to uncover a longstanding scam with disturbing unintended consequences (available March 20, 2018).

In this 27th installment of the Commissario Guido Brunetti mystery series, our hero—a detective in the state police force stationed in Venice—is approached by a friend of his wife Paola’s. Professoressa Elisa Crosera is concerned about changes in her 15-year-old son’s behavior and suspects they may be due to drugs. She wants Brunetti to investigate who might be selling drugs to kids at Sandro’s school, but she doesn’t have any actual proof or leads.

Brunetti is too polite to tell her that adolescent boys tend to go through periods of off-putting behavior that isn’t necessarily illegal or immoral, but he does promise to look into any suspicious drug activity around the Albertini, the private school in which both of Crosera’s children are enrolled. To do so, he must make inquiries with a somewhat unusual contact whom he discusses with his colleague and friend, Commissario Claudia Griffoni, in a conversation that is extremely illuminating of the Italian way of life:

[Read Doreen Sheridan's review of The Temptation of Forgiveness...]

Mar 20 2018 10:00am

Loren D. Estleman Excerpt: Black and White Ball

Loren D. Estleman

Loren D. Estleman's most popular characters, PI Amos Walker and hitman Peter Macklin, are together in one story for the first time in Black and White Ball (available March 27, 2018).

Detroit hit man Peter Macklin forces private eye Amos Walker to furnish protection for Laurie, Macklin's estranged wife, while Macklin tracks down the party who has threatened to kill her. The man Walker’s client suspects cannot be ignored; as his own grown son, Roger Macklin has inherited all the instincts, and acquired all the training, necessary to carry out his threat.

Told partly by Walker in first-person and partly by Macklin in third, Black and White Ball places the detective squarely between two remorseless killers, with death waiting whether he succeeds or fails.

[Read an excerpt from Black and White Ball...]

Mar 19 2018 5:00pm

The Walking Dead Power Rankings 8.12: “The Key”

If you would have told us five years ago that The Walking Dead would feature a showdown with Rick and Negan involving a flaming Lucille and zombies ablaze, we would have thought there was no way this show wasn't still the best show on television. Unfortunately, this show has gone so far off the rails that not even that badass scenario (which, as a fight scene, was just as underwhelming as the show has been) could make up for its storytelling shortcomings. 

Here's hoping Georgie introduces a new storyline to finally take us away from this neverending stalemate between Rick and Negan.

[See who's “Walking Tall” and who's been “Eaten Alive” this week...]

Mar 19 2018 3:00pm

Review: Annihilation (2018)

Alex Garland’s sci-fi thriller Annihilation—an adaptation of Jeff VanderMeer’s novel—may have seemed like a good sell for a big studio a few years ago. The first novel in his Southern Reach Trilogy, Annihilation has been a niche-bookstore favorite for the last few years, with the paperbacks frequenting the bookshelves of both sci-fi fans and otherwise. Unfortunately, one must keep in mind that while genre films are certainly still big-bank items in Hollywood, cerebral arthouse takes on the genre often crash and burn at the box office (Under the Skin, Children of Men, and Blade Runner: 2049 all underperformed despite their critical acclaim).

Seeing that Paramount had already suffered big losses in 2017 when they took risks with larger-budgeted, auteur-directed films like Mother! and Downsizing, the studio decided to cut its losses and forgo giving Annihilation a theatrical release outside of the U.S., bringing it straight to Netflix internationally instead. Having only grossed $11 million out of its $40 million budget during its opening weekend, it’s already looking like Paramount made the right monetary decision with its Netflix deal. It’s a shame because anyone that’s seen the movie will attest that it definitely needs to be viewed on the big screen to be fully appreciated.

[Read Peter Foy's review of Annihilation...]

Mar 19 2018 1:00pm

Q&A with Christi Daugherty, Author of The Echo Killing

Christi Daugherty has covered crime and murder for years as a newspaper reporter and journalist in cities including Savannah, Baton Rouge, and New Orleans. After moving to England nearly 20 years ago, she wrote the internationally bestselling Night School series of thrillers for young adults under the name CJ Daugherty. Her latest, The Echo Killing, is her first novel for adults.

Recently, the author generously took the time to answer our questions about The Echo Killing, what she's currently reading, and what's next for her main character Harper McClain!

[Read the full Q&A below!]

Mar 19 2018 12:00pm

Review: Dodge City by Tom Clavin

Now in paperback, Dodge City by Tom Clavin is the New York Times bestselling story of the taming of the Wild West—set in Dodge City, the most depraved and criminal town in the nation.

The Wyatt Earp myth is spent, taking its place alongside Bingham’s Washington crossing the Delaware and Paul Revere shouting “The British are coming!” Sure, there’s an element of truth to the timeworn renditions, but we’ve finally passed over a transom where the reality is now far more entertaining and gripping than the bullshit, in short, we’ve grown up. In the author’s note, Tom Clavin writes, “... most research sources revealed that legend and fact often overlapped and that the facts about the lives of Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson before, during, and after Dodge City were usually at least as satisfying as the fictions.”

Earp’s myth, via Hollywood mainly, has seen a lot of mileage out of the honorable-above-reproach-lawman song, who even at his worse (see, for example, Wyatt’s vendetta ride) appears merited in all that he did—that the ends justified the means. Even as I write this, you can bet your Buntline Special that a screenwriter is putting the finishing touches on yet another stagnant showdown at the O.K. Let’s hope the producers rip up that script and read Tom Clavin’s clear-headed novel. And the beauty is that in a gifted historian writer’s hands (ala David McCullough and Joseph Ellis), the fact sheet can still have a cinematic thrust. Observe this meeting between Old West titans:

[Read David Cranmer's review of Dodge City...]

Mar 19 2018 10:00am

Vivien Chien Excerpt: Death by Dumpling

Vivien Chien

Death by Dumpling by Vivien Chien is the first book in the new Noodle Shop Mystery series (available March 27, 2018).

Take a visual tour of Death by Dumpling with GIFnotes!

Welcome to the Ho-Lee Noodle House, where the Chinese food is to die for...

The last place Lana Lee thought she would ever end up is back at her family’s restaurant. But after a brutal break-up and a dramatic workplace walk-out, she figures that helping wait tables is her best option for putting her life back together. Even if that means having to put up with her mother, who is dead-set on finding her a husband.

Lana’s love life soon becomes yesterday’s news once the restaurant’s property manager, Mr. Feng, turns up dead―after a delivery of shrimp dumplings from Ho-Lee. But how could this have happened when everyone on staff knew about Mr. Feng’s severe, life-threatening shellfish allergy? Now, with the whole restaurant under suspicion for murder and the local media in a feeding frenzy―to say nothing of the gorgeous police detective who keeps turning up for take-out―it’s up to Lana to find out who is behind Feng’s killer order ... before her own number is up.

[Read an excerpt from Death by Dumpling...]

Mar 19 2018 9:00am

John Hart’s The Hush Sweepstakes

John Hart is a New York Times bestselling author who holds the distinction of being the only person to win the Edgar Award for Best Novel consecutively. Hart’s newest book, The Hush, transports readers to a mysterious land known as Hush Arbor. On it resides Johnny Merrimon, the very same boy we grew to love in 2009’s The Last Child. Johnny's older now, but his haunted past follows him wherever he goes. Darkness and danger also reside in Hush Arbor, and they've been living here longer than anyone could imagine.

Enter below for your chance to win a signed hardcover copy of The Hush as well as an audiobook copy!

Official Rules
The Hush Sweepstakes



  1. ELIGIBILITY: The Hush Sweepstakes (the “Sweepstakes”) is open only to persons who as of the date of entry (and, if a winner, as of the date of prize fulfillment) are a legal resident of the 50 United States or the District of Columbia and who are 18 years of age or older and of the legal age of majority in the jurisdiction in which he or she resides. We are sorry for the geographic restrictions, unfortunately it is required for various legal reasons. Persons who as of the date of entry (and, if a winner, as of the date of prize fulfillment) are an employee of Criminal Element, a division of Macmillan Publishers (“Sponsor”) or any of Sponsor's Affiliates (as defined in Section 5), and members of the immediate family or household (whether or not related) of any such employee, are not eligible. Eligibility determinations will be made by Sponsor in its discretion and will be final and binding. U.S. law governs this Sweepstakes. Void where prohibited by law.
  2. HOW TO ENTER: The entry period for the Sweepstakes begins at 12:00 a.m. Eastern Time (ET) on Monday, March 19, 2018 and continues through 11:59 p.m. ET on Saturday, March 31, 2018 (the “Entry Period”).No purchase is necessary. To enter the Sweepstakes, during the Entry Period, entrants must access, complete and submit the Sweepstakes entry form (which will require entrant to submit his or her e-mail address and such other information as Sponsor may require), found in entrant's Facebook newsfeed or alternatively by visiting Sponsor's website located at https://www.criminalelement.com/blogs/2018/03/john-harts-the-hush-sweepstakes (the “Website”) and following the on screen entry instructions. The Facebook entry forms may be pre-filled with information provided by the Facebook platform. There is a limit of one entry per person and per email address. All entries must be completed and received by Sponsor prior to the conclusion of the Entry Period. Entry times will be determined using Sponsor's computer, which will be the official clock for the Sweepstakes. Normal time rates, if any, charged by the entrant's Internet or mobile service provider will apply. All entries are subject to verification at any time. Proof of submission does not constitute proof of entry. Sponsor will have the right, in its discretion, to require proof of identity and/or eligibility in a form acceptable to Sponsor (including, without limitation, government-issued photo identification). Failure to provide such proof to the satisfaction of Sponsor in a timely manner may result in disqualification.
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Mar 18 2018 10:00am

Jon Pineda Excerpt: Let’s No One Get Hurt

Jon Pineda

With the cinematic and terrifying beauty of the American South humming behind each line, Jon Pineda’s Let’s No One Get Hurt is a coming-of-age story set equally between real-world issues of race and socioeconomics and a magical, Huck Finn-esque universe of community and exploration (available March 20, 2018).

Fifteen-year-old Pearl is squatting in an abandoned boathouse with her father, a disgraced college professor, and two other grown men, deep in the swamps of the American South. All four live on the fringe, scavenging what they can―catfish, lumber, scraps for their ailing dog. Despite the isolation, Pearl feels at home with her makeshift family: the three men care for Pearl and teach her what they know of the world.

Mason Boyd, aka “Main Boy,” is from a nearby affluent neighborhood where he and his raucous friends ride around in tricked-out golf carts, shoot their fathers’ shotguns, and aspire to make Internet pranking videos. While Pearl is out scavenging in the woods, she meets Main Boy, who eventually reveals that his father has purchased the property on which Pearl and the others are squatting. With all the power in Main Boy’s hands, a very unbalanced relationship forms between the two kids, culminating in a devastating scene of violence and humiliation.

[Read an excerpt from Let's No One Get Hurt...]

Mar 17 2018 10:00am

Christina Lynch Excerpt: The Italian Party

Christina Lynch

Half glamorous fun, half an examination of America's role in the world, and filled with sun-dappled pasta lunches, prosecco, charming spies and horse racing, The Italian Party by Christina Lynch is a smart pleasure (available March 20, 2018).

Newly married, Scottie and Michael are seduced by Tuscany's famous beauty. But the secrets they are keeping from each other force them beneath the splendid surface to a more complex view of ltaly, America and each other.

When Scottie’s Italian teacher―a teenager with secrets of his own―disappears, her search for him leads her to discover other, darker truths about herself, her husband and her country. Michael’s dedication to saving the world from communism crumbles as he begins to see that he is a pawn in a much different game. Driven apart by lies, Michael and Scottie must find their way through a maze of history, memory, hate and love to a new kind of complicated truth.

[Read an excerpt from The Italian Party...]

Mar 16 2018 4:30pm

Book-Inspired Cocktails: “The Purloined Swizzle”

A stolen puzzle. A bloody knife. A dead body.

I think the Puzzle Lady could use a drink! And what better drink than this week's Pick Your Poison—where we create a cocktail inspired by a recently published mystery, thriller, or crime novel—"The Purloined Swizzle” cocktail, inspired by Parnell Hall's 19th Puzzle Lady Mystery, The Purloined Puzzle!

[Check out the recipe below!]