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Book Review: Darling by Rachel Edwards

Darling by Rachel Edwards is a psychological thriller where a teenage girl clashes with her new stepmother. Darling takes the classic and dramatic plotline of teenager vs. stepmother and adds a sinister twist. This enigmatic thriller by Rachel Edwards delves into the trials and tribulations of Darling, a Jamaican single… Read more

Cooking the Books: Hooks Can Be Deceiving by Betty Hechtman

I loved this book so much that it got me to start taking up yarncraft again! Unfortunately, not the crochet that our heroine’s competitive co-worker Adele Abrams Humphries evangelizes for—though, once I’m done with my current project, I absolutely plan on re-learning that skill. Betty Hechtman describes crafting so lovingly… Read more

Book Review: The Au Pair by Emma Rous

In Emma Rous’ debut novel The Au Pair, Seraphine Mayes discovers a troubling photograph her family’s Norfolk estate while attending her father’s funeral. She tracks down the family’s au pair to further investigate, and a decades-old family secret begins to unravel. A family mourns the sudden death of their father. Seraphine… Read more

Connections in Death by J. D. Robb: A Visual Guide

Connections in Death is the gritty and gripping 48th novel in J. D. Robb’s bestselling In Death series, where Eve Dallas fights to save the innocent, and serve justice to the guilty, on the streets of New York—take a visual tour with GIFnotes! Homicide cop Eve Dallas and her billionaire husband, Roarke,… Read more

Book Review: No Sunscreen for the Dead by Tim Dorsey

No Sunscreen for the Dead is Tim Dorsey’s twenty-second book about Florida life. Once again, wild and wacky Serge Storms rides with his consistently stoned sidekick, Coleman, this time diving into an infamous sex scandal between a retiree and her younger beau in one of the largest retirement villages in the… Read more

Book Review: No Mercy by Joanna Schaffhausen

In No Mercy by Joanna Schaffhausen, Police Officer Ellery Hathaway has been suspended from the force for killing a man in cold blood. Ellery feels no remorse. Take down the monster when you have a clean shot because you might not get a second one. This philosophy had landed her… Read more

Q&A with Matthew Quirk, author of The Night Agent

Matthew Quirk is a New York Times bestselling author whose newest thriller, The Night Agent, is now on sale. Quirk studied history and literature at Harvard College. After graduation, he spent five years at The Atlantic reporting on crime, private military contractors, terrorism prosecutions, and international gangs. He lives in… Read more

The Perfect Liar by Thomas Christopher Greene

Book Review: The Perfect Liar by Thomas Christopher Greene

The Perfect Liar by Thomas Christopher Greene is a compulsively readable domestic thriller that centers on two damaged souls drawn together and living in bliss… until a series of notes on their front door destroys any sense of serenity and forces them both to drastic action. Susannah Garcia is a beautiful,… Read more

Book Review: Murder Likes It Hot by Tracy Weber

Yogini and amateur sleuth Kate Davidson will need more than Warrior Pose to solve a murder and help homeless teens in Murder Like It Hot, Tracy Weber’s sixth Downward Dog Mystery.  Tracy Weber, like her fictional yoga instructor Kate Davidson, owns a yoga studio in Seattle. Weber and her husband share… Read more

Book Review: Freefall by Jessica Barry

Freefall by Jessica Barry is a thriller about a plane that crashes amidst the Rocky Mountains and the woman who is the sole survivor and has a reason much bigger than herself to stay alive. Maggie Carpenter’s world is shattered when she learns that her 31-year-old daughter, Allison, has been in… Read more

Chloe Sunstone, Ginger Snapped

“We Need to Throw Out Our Computers” — The Thrills of Researching Cybercrime

After over twenty years in Human Resources, I certainly witnessed my share of bad workplace behavior — lying, bullying, manipulation, drug abuse, physical altercations, and equipment theft, to name a few. But that horrific conduct pales in comparison to my findings as I researched cybercrime for my latest thriller, Ginger… Read more

The Killer Beside Me

Have you ever met a murderer? I’ve brushed up against three infamous murder cases—each lurid enough to be fictionalized on programs like Law and Order and Cold Case. In the first one, I lived in the same dorm with Gina Grant, a young woman convicted at age fourteen of murdering her mother. In Gina’s… Read more