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DISCOUNT: Tom Clancy’s Op-Center: Into the Fire by Dick Couch and George Galdorisi

Tensions flare in Northwest Asia, and Op-Center races to prevent World War III in Tom Clancy’s Op-Center: Into the Fire by Dick Couch and George Galdorisi—a chilling, ripped-from-the-headlines thriller. Get a digital copy of Tom Clancy’s Op-Center: Into the Fire for only $2.99 through the month of May! When a team of assassins… Read more

Page to Screen: Screaming Mimi

In 2014, I wrote an appreciation of Dario Argento’s 1970 giallo film, The Bird with the Crystal Plumage. In that post, I mentioned that while many have always considered it a given that the Italian director’s superb debut is based on The Screaming Mimi—a 1949 American crime novel by Fredric… Read more

Westworld 2.05: “Akane No Mai” Episode Review

Where have you gone, Toshiro Mifune, when this bland East-meets-West episode turns its eyes to you as Maeve’s (Thandie Newton) story arc crosses over into Shogun World. Hell, your stone-faced Red Sun costar Charles Bronson would be a welcome addition to what felt like “everything but the kitchen sink” of… Read more