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James Bond and Me by Anthony Horowitz

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Ben Aaronovitch, author of Lies Sleeping

Q&A with Ben Aaronovitch, Author of Lies Sleeping

Ben Aaronovitch is a HUGO Award-nominated author. He began his career as a screenwriter and contributed to the original two seasons of the television show, Doctor Who, among others. Aaronovitch later became a bookseller before returning to writing with his Sunday Times bestselling Rivers of London series of contemporary urban fantasy/crime fiction… Read more

Review: The Moscow Sleepers by Stella Rimington

For fans of Homeland and The Night Manager, the latest thriller in author Stella Rimington’s bestselling espionage series sees Liz Carlyle investigating a sinister Russian plot. Sleeper agents, would-be defectors and accidental assets abound in The Moscow Sleepers, the latest chapter in the ongoing adventures of MI5 operative Liz Carlyle. It’s a knotty,… Read more

Cowgirl Up: Five Outstanding Feminist Western Characters

Westerns is a movie genre historically dominated by male characters. Think of these films and what image immediately comes to mind? John Wayne in a ten-gallon hat and some kind of cowboy neckwear? Clint Eastwood smoking a cigarillo while donning a poncho? Maybe Kevin Costner sporting the Marlboro Man look?… Read more

Deadly Camargue by Cay Rademacher

Review: Deadly Camargue by Cay Rademacher

Deadly Camargue by Cay Rademacher marks the return Detectives Captaine Roger Blanc and Marius Tonon as they’re called to Camargue to investigate the suspicious death of a reporter and TV personality.  Capitaine Roger Blanc is gradually settling into life in Provence, and only occasionally thinking longingly of his old life in Paris. A… Read more