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Book Review: Hell Chose Me by Angel Luis Colón

In Angel Luis Colón’s novel, Hell Chose Me, Bryan Walsh is a killer for hire. He is haunted by those who have fallen at his hand, but he will stop at nothing to avenge his brother’s death.  Are you bored with your current read? Do you need something that will… Read more

Q&A with Charles Finch, Author of The Vanishing Man

Criminal Element is thrilled to welcome author Charles Finch and his longtime editor (and the host of Case Closed, our new podcast series!) Charles Spicer. The two recently sat down to discuss Finch’s newest Charles Lenox mystery The Vanishing Man, Shakespearean London, England’s class system, and the what-ifs of time… Read more

Of All the Gin Joints

In a culture of prequels and sequels, origin stories and franchise reboots, it seems no box-office hit can be considered safe from the recycling junkies in Hollywood. Psycho, Minority Report, The Karate Kid, Fargo—all have been variously updated and rebranded for the 21st century, with wildly different results. For every… Read more

The Vanishing Man by Charles Finch

Book Review: The Vanishing Man by Charles Finch

Charles Finch’s The Vanishing Man is a prequel to his Charles Lenox Victorian series in which the theft of an antique painting sends Detective Lenox on a hunt for a criminal mastermind. …His eyes returned to the much smaller, smoky painting. Number five.   It was in a wood frame, not… Read more

Book Review: Murder at the Palace by Margaret Dumas

Murder at the Palace by Margaret Dumas is the first book in the new Movie Palace Mystery series.  Old movie buffs, fans of San Francisco, and lovers of well-done mystery series debuts will shout huzzah and encore at author Margaret Dumas. Dumas’s Murder at the Palace is witty and well-crafted… Read more

Counterpart: The Best Show You’re Not Watching

If you haven’t heard of the TV series Counterpart, you’re not alone, but it’s time to get familiar with it. The news from earlier this week that the show has been cancelled by Starz just ahead of its second season finale is immensely disappointing, but each of the twenty episodes… Read more

Book Review: One Fatal Mistake by Tom Hunt

In Tom Hunt’s One Fatal Mistake, eighteen-year-old Joshua Mayo kills a man in a terrible accident, but the tragedy quickly becomes a hit-and-run. Not reporting the accident to the police, Josh confides only in his mother—and then everything goes wrong. One Fatal Mistake is somewhat of a misnomer because it… Read more

The Edgar Awards Revisited: The Hours Before Dawn by Celia Fremlin (Best Novel; 1960)

The cover of Faber’s reissued The Hours Before Dawn, which features glow-in-the-dark type that scared the bejesus out of me earlier this week, calls the book a “lost classic.” Doesn’t that sound like something of an oxymoron—the jumbo shrimp of literature? Books become classics because they are good, yes, but… Read more

Book Review: A Deadly Divide by Ausma Zehanat Khan

From the critically acclaimed author Ausma Zehanat Khan, A Deadly Divide is the devastatingly powerful fifth thriller featuring beloved series detectives Esa Khattak and Rachel Getty. Esa Khattak and Rachel Getty, detectives with Canada’s Community Policing Section, are called in to the most violent crime scene they’ve ever attended—the shooting of worshippers… Read more

Book Review: Miraculum by Steph Post

Miraculum is Steph Post’s new novel about a tattooed snake charmer, Ruby Chole, who works in her father’s carnival. Ruby is attracted to Daniel, a new employee of the carnival, though his timing is troubling. Arriving immediately after tragedy strikes, Daniel appears to be connected to the recent calamity and may be… Read more