You Had Us at “My Girlfriend’s Pimp”

In case you thought that things in Florida might have settled into a state one or two notches below wackadoo, we bring you this little gem from the April 29, 2013, Miami Herald:

Hialeah cop: My girlfriend’s pimp set me up

The article summarizes thusly: “Tomas Muñoz, a 15-year veteran of the department, has been suspended with pay [emphasis ours] after being arrested Saturday and charged with cocaine possession and carrying drug paraphernalia.

“He says he’s innocent—and he was set up by his girlfriend’s pimp.”

Then it goes on to explain:

“I met a girl—she happens to have a pimp, and we fell in love,” Muñoz said. “And he doesn’t let her be free. This came about because he set the whole thing up.”

According to an arrest report released Monday, Hialeah police got a tip that Muñoz was buying crack cocaine Friday night near Miami International Airport.

Later that night, Miami police found him with [crack rocks on a night stand and a crack pipe under the mattress] in a Miami motel room, where he was with a woman, according to the report.

 “It’s OK,” he said. “Things happen for a reason.”

Florida Man is a philosopher. And Florida remains Florida…bless its little wacked out soul.

Photo: Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy Infant Creeper available via Café Press.


  1. Dorothy Hayes

    Surprised he didn’t say that he was undercover and that the hooker and drugs were just props? Too much!

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