You Are Guilty of Pre-Crime: DHS Tests Crime Prediction Program

Only a few years away from the Department of Precrime?
Only a few years away from the Department of Precrime?
So maybe that movie Minority Report was on to something. Sure, they used psychics to predict crimes, but they got results, right? What if our police could detect threats well in advance and stop criminals before they act? Well the Department of Homeland Security may have found a way.

The DHS has begun testing a program they call FAST (Future Attribute Screening Technology). The program is designed to tracks the actions of volunteer citizens and us an algorithm to predict criminal action by looking for signs of hostility.  Right now, they are keeping all info confidential and all that, but this raises a ton of questions in regard to crime and the execution thereof. Where do you draw the line between criminal and innocent? How much does intent factor into what makes a criminal criminal? It’s only a matter of time before this gets used at the local level if the test proves successful. So when do you make the arrest? Thoughts?

Hat Tip: Gizmodo

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