Yippee Kai Yay! A New Die Hard

Bruce Willis as John McClainWhy is Bruce Willis smiling you ask? That’s a very easy question to answer. Quite simply he just realized that the new trailer for Die Hard 5, also known as A Good Day to Die Hard is now out in the world for all of us die hard fans (see what I did there?) to enjoy.

That’s right, there’s only so many American terrorists and bank robbers one NYC beat cop can take down. So, being the generous country that America is, we are loaning one of our national treasures, John McClane natch, to Russia.

John is going East, stealing a name borrowing a name from a certain Birthday Boy, and taking on the Reds. I don’t know about you, but I’m in.


  1. Jennifer Proffitt

    That will make it the best Valentine’s Day EVER.

  2. Laura K. Curtis

    I totally agree, Jenn.

  3. Christopher Morgan

    I’m am in total agreement. He had me at “007 of Plainfield New Jersey”. Just got to talk the significant other into it. She never forgave John for throwing Alan Rickman out a window…

  4. Laura K. Curtis

    Jenn and I will tell her we’re taking her to a spa…and we’ll all meet at the movie theater.

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