Yarnbombing: The Coziest Crime

Yarnbombed bike racks at Berkeley’s public libraryThe word “bomb” sounds violent, dangerous, and scary. When combined with “yarn,” however, it’s still illegal, but much prettier.

At right, the latest act of artistic terrorism, the yarnbombing of Berkeley’s North Branch Library. This was timed for their grand reopening and, unfortunately, the library wasnt pleased with the idea and removed the installation before the library opened.

Saltburn by the Sea yarnbombing installation
Yarned Olympian



The term “yarnbombing” refers to anything from simple wrapping of public objects/spaces with yarn to full-on sculptural artistic installations, like that of the Saltburn by the Sea bomber, who created the amazing Olympic Sport installation. You can find pictures of more yarnbombing at the yarnbombing blog, where I found the picture of the Saltburn installation.

So what say you? Should yarnbombing be considered a criminal offense?


  1. Becca Hollingsworth

    Man, I wish the library where I work would get yarnbombed. That would be fabulous. Why is this illegal? It doesn’t damage anything.

  2. Laura K. Curtis

    I must admit, I agree, bibliobeque! Sure, when the weather has taken a few turns at the installation you’ll have to take it down, but it’s not like graffiti or something that you have to really *work* to get rid of.

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