X-Files Flash Tattoo Pattern Tote Bag

The X-Files miniseries (AKA Season 10) may be over, but “I Want to Believe” our love for Mulder and Scully is everlasting.

That's why today's Daily Steal is this wonderfully beautiful “X-Files Flash Tattoo Pattern Tote Bag (or Pencil Bag)” made by Coey & Shy and available on Etsy.

Inspired by some of the greatest moments of one of the greatest television shows of all time, this tote bag is sure to get as many second looks as the Flukeman him(fluke)self. Handmade and coming in two different sizes, this amazing bag starts at only $15.00 and is available here.

Be sure to head over to Coey & Shy's page and see some of the other cool stuff they offer!

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