Coffee: Fuel of Scientists, Scholars, and Writers

Writers and editors are among the Top 5 coffee-drinking professions. Yay! The study proving this intuitive truth was somewhat small and on behalf of a coffee and donut purveyor, but we're going with it. And so is another java brainiac, a grad student who's got a post at Inside Higher Ed all about maximizing one's use of the wonder beverage:

The idea is that our bodies produce different amounts of cortisol—a hormone that, among other things, makes you feel awake and alert—in a natural rhythm throughout the day. According to the posts, the ideal times to drink coffee for maximum buzz are when your cortisol levels are lower and you’re not being “naturally caffeinated,” which tends to occur from 9:30-11:30am and from 1:30-5:00pm.

That this correlates almost exactly with the traditional work day, why, just about now… *takes another gulp*…. is not lost on us. And we love having a Morning Coffee post that's actually about coffee. So meta, so delicious. So here's to you, crime writers and coffee achievers!

Image via C.B. Wentworth's blog.

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