Writers and Kitties: The Ultimate Tumblr

If you like writers and you like kitties, enjoy nirvana in a tumblr set.

Bestselling mystery author Rita Mae Brown
Mystery Author Rita Mae Brown with Cat: not-so-still life

Bestselling mystery writer and animal lover Rita Mae Brown, with one of the hundreds (perhaps thousands) of cats she has loved and cared for.  From her bio:

“Well, on I wrote as will be obvious. I was accused of affairs, of a variety of misdeeds. I can only say I wish I had slept with everyone I am accused of. And as for other exciting to-do’s, why deny them? All that stuff makes me seem so much more exciting then I really am.

If you read the list of books, you will quickly figure out that I couldn’t possibly have done any of that stuff or I wouldn’t be productive. If you read STARTING FROM SCRATCH, you will also realize that addictive or self-destructive behavior isn’t in my make-up; the ability to withstand drudgery is.”


  1. Megan Frampton

    I feel as though this post should have a lot more “K”s: Kute! Kitties! Kozy Kats!
    I like how placid all the authors seem near their Kittehs.

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