Worst teacher of the year award: Virginia teacher pulls gun in classroom

So not hot for teacher! Manuael Ernest Dillow mug shot ofter pulling gun on students.
So not hot for teacher!
Most of us have had the gamut of high school and college teachers—from the very worst to the very best. But this guy takes the cake. In our most recent edition of the criminally stupid, we have Manuael Ernest Dillow who allegedly fired blanks (yes, folks, from a loaded gun, although one that was not capable of firing live rounds) at 12 vocational school students while teaching a welding class.

Reports have varied as to whether he actually fired the blanks towards to students or just brandished the gun, but either way it’s definitely not okay to bring a gun into the classroom. I’ve certainly known some teenagers and young adults who should be scared straight, but I’m pretty sure that no matter what these 12 students did (or even just one of them), none of them deserved this scare tactic.

Do you think this guy is criminally insane or was just trying to make a very big point?

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  1. Sofia Fowles

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