Woman Steals Toy Duck From Baby’s Grave

Yes, you read the title of the article correctly. An Ohio woman, seen in surveillance video stealing a toy stuffed animal from a baby's grave site, has turned herself in to police.

A large stuffed duck was placed at the grave and a video taken at the grave shows a woman walking away with the toy. According to the police, Frieda Kay Shade then went to the police department, admitting to being the person on video.

She claims she noticed a dog running around, and said she took the stuffed animal to keep the dog from using it as a chew toy. However, she was served a summons for petty theft.

Police shared this was not the first time an item has disappeared from the baby’s grave. According to police, baby Hayden Sheridan died back in 2007, and items started to disappear shortly after she was buried.  Including things like toys and solar night lights have been stolen from her grave. Her parents went to the police in 2012 and they set up a surveillance camera.

Police are still not sure if Shade is the suspect in the other thefts that have happened over the years.


  1. Clare 2e

    If it was malicious ongoing theft–which we’ll have to wait and see–that would be so lowdown it’s subterranean. Difficult to come up with an insult worse than “you seem like a person who’d steal from a toddler’s grave.”

  2. Teddy P

    ^ So true… so true.

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