Woman Prints Her Own Money, Gets Arrested

A Florida (of course) woman learned a valuable lesson—a lesson I thought no one needed to be taught. Brandi Harden, 30, was arrested after she attempted to use printer paper photocopies of $20 bills. She printed a big stack of them and painted the town red (not really)!

According to the Gainesville Sun, Harden went to her local Walmart and handed the cashier a wad of fake bills to purchase a few items she had in her shopping cart. When the Walmart employee questioned Harden about the clearly funny-money, she hightailed it out of the store. She was ultimately caught by the police two days later after she attempted to use another stack of printed money to pay for her bill at an Applebee’s. The kicker? She left her cellphone on the table and was easily tracked down.

Police questioned Harden at a hotel she was staying, where she fessed up to using the printed money. Officers also found even more fake bills, blank printer paper, and the printer.

She was quickly arrested and charged with possession of counterfeit bills. And, as luck would have it, she also also had marijuana and faces charges of possession, too. 

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