Trespassing Woman Kicked in Face by Zoo’s Giraffe

One zoo visitor made it a mission to see her favorite animal up close, however, the giraffe did not share her excitement at all.

The woman, Amanda Hall of San Luis Obispo, California climbed over one fence and was nearly over the second fence of the giraffe's enclosure at a Wisconsin zoo when Wally, a 12-foot giraffe, saw her, licked her, and then kicked her square in the face. Ouch!

Fortunately for her, the injuries she suffered from the kick were not life-threatening. Zoo officials told police that Hall was very lucky to not have been more seriously injured. Hall told officers she made the choice to climb into the exhibit because “she loves giraffes,” according to the official report.

She was cited for harassment of zoo animals, which includes a $686 fine.

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