Woman Butt Dials Her Way into Jail

A woman from Washington is behind bars thanks to her butt…that accidentally dialed 911 without her realizing it.

You must be thinking: Why would dialing the police, even by mistake, land a person in jail? Well, the 911 operator on the other end of this butt-dial heard her talk about “scratch tickets and illegal activities,” which prompted officers to be dispatched to the address where the call originated.

Once there, the woman could be heard saying that she “saw the police” and would “not be going to jail.” She even tried to pull a fast one on the officers by attempting to give them a fake name. Her attempt failed, and she was ultimately arrested for an outstanding arrest warrant.

According to UPI, the sheriff said, “The jail takes away inmate's cell phones, so she should be able to avoid this problem, at least for a while.”


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