Will CSI’s Grissom Hurt People on Cinemax?

Willam Petersen / Pure People, AbacaCan you stand to see Gil Grissom go bad? Willam Petersen is set to executive-produce and star in his first TV series since leaving CSI in 2009.  According to TV Guide, in the new series Hurt People:

Petersen will play Hollis Brown, a longtime hitman employed by the crime family that killed his wife. Brown is tasked with finding his estranged daughter who’s determined to destroy the people responsible for her mother’s death.

This character seems to fall on the opposite side of the prison bars as Petersen’s usual roles (Will Graham was even the hero way back in Manhunter). But since he’s always been fun to watch, we think we actually might be looking forward to seeing him hurt people!

What about you? Rather than collecting insects, can you envision him squashing people like bugs?

Image via Pure People.


  1. Deborah Lacy

    He isn’t just bad — he’s heinous. He works for the crime family that killed his wife and now his daughter wants to kill them/him? Super dysfunctional family. I guess we’re supposed to root for the daughter?

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