Wild West Wednesday Coming Soon!

Wild West Wednesdays will be riding into town! We raided the audio department and found enough gunslinging, whiskey-swilling, and villain-rousting to last for weeks. 

Your ears will welcome these upcoming sound clips featuring authors Elmer Kelton, Ralph Compton, and more.

UPDATE: The first exclusive audio excerpt from The Goodnight Trail by Ralph Compton is now available. 


  1. Rosemary Simm

    I love the good old cowboy movie. Western movies have such a
    real endurance of life as it was, raw and gritty and plain hard.
    Miss seeing them regularly.

  2. Dirk Robertson

    I loved the way their hats hardly ever came off and if they did, when they picked them up the good guys had ones which were still clean.

  3. Robin Christian

    [b]Throughout my childhood I watched westerns with my father. When we were not watching, we played “cowboys,” where he would get on all fours with me on his back [dressed in my Annie Oakley outfit]. I HAD to ride around the living room searching for the “bad guys” and shoot them them with my toy pistol. Those were great memorable times. When a western is mentioned, I must see what it is about. “Those were the days!”[/b]

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