White Collar, Justified, and Southland: Toddlers Staying Up Til Ten!

Tonight, we will be reminded what conflicted, miserable lives we all led before DVR’s.  Tonight, a trio of toddling young crime shows, all Seasons 3 or 4, return simul-freaking-taneously at 10-danged-o’clock, so even with dual tuners, we may still have to ask a friend to babysit one on their tuner or even to watch one online later. (Oh, modern problems.) From the folks at Omnimystery News:

Tim DeKay as FBI Agent Peter Burke and Matt Bomer as conman Neal Caffrey in White CollarFirst up is one of our favorite shows, White Collar, on USA Network at 10 PM (ET/PT). When the series took its [3rd] mid-season break, Mrs. Suit — as Mozzie calls her — had been kidnapped. In an episode titled “Checkmate”, Neal is forced to come clean with Peter about the hidden cache of stolen art treasures in order to save Elizabeth. Or does Neal have another plan in mind?

Timothy Olyphant as U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens and Walton Goggins as Boyd Crowder from JustifiedOver on FX Networks, also at 10 PM (ET/PT) is the third season premiere of Justified. The arrival of a dangerous new player in Lexington puts Raylan on a collision course with a sadistic Dixie Mafia hitman in an episode titled “The Gunfighter”.


Benjamin McKenzie as Officer Ben Sherman and Michael Cudlitz as Officer John Cooper in SouthlandFinally, on TNT — you guessed it, at 10 PM (ET/PT) — is the fourth season premiere of Southland with an episode titled “Wednesday”. Officer John Cooper returns to duty after recovering from back surgery and meets his new partner, Officer Jessica Tang (special guest star Lucy Liu), a tough and disciplined cop with her own set of baggage from working the streets.

Why the heck does every network let its toddlers stay up so late these days? It’s no wonder they’ve all turned wicked, even if we do plan to enjoy every last bit of bad behavior.


  1. Laura K. Curtis

    Dammit…”these go to 11!” and I don’t mean that in the good, Spinal Tap sense. I mean “why do I have to stay up so late?”

  2. Cindy Kerschner

    Unfortunately I don’t own a DVR or TIVO, and USA and FX shows are hard to catch on repeat. So, White Collar it is, sorry Raylan I guess it wasn’t meant to be.

  3. Laura K. Curtis

    Oh, but Cindy, there’s On Demand! That’s how I watch almost everything.

  4. jeff h

    Luckily, FX repeats episodes immediately after premiering them so I can watch Southland at 10 and Justified at 11 without having to tape anything. I’ll have to run on 6 hours of sleep on Wednesdays for a few weeks. But it’s worth it.

  5. Clare 2e

    Cindy- a lot of these shows stream online now, so you can watch on your computer, and even catch up on the past season in many cases. But do tell us if you’re loving the new season of White Collar!

  6. Deborah Lacy

    I don’t watch any of these three shows. If I were to try one of them (I can’t try all three at once), which do you guys think is the best?

  7. Steve Oerkfitz

    Deborah-Southland is the best of the 3 with Justified a close second. Not a big fan of White Collar.

  8. Terrie Farley Moran

    And what about the networks?? Unforgettable on CBS and Body of Proof on ABC. Here is what my DVR schedule looked like: 10 pm Unforgettable and Body of Proof, 11 pm Justified; midnight Southland; 1 am White Collar. I was exhausted just doing the programming, not to mention earlier shows: NCIS on CBS and Custer’s Last Stand on American Experience, PBS. Now I have to find the time to watch it all.

  9. David Spiller

    I too watch more on On Demand now than I do on the DVR. Justified is so good that I that I record it and watch it later the same night that it airs. I catch up with White Collar a few nights later On Demand. Southland got squeezed off my watch list a couple of seasons ago, maybe I’ll give it another shot sometime.

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