What’s Whitey Bulger Done?: Trailer for Black Mass Starring Johnny Depp

If there's anyone who typifies the if you can't beat 'em, join 'em mantra, it's Whitey Bulger, the infamous mafia boss who terrorized South Boston in the 1970s. Bulger became an FBI informant in order to help take down a rival mafia family who was trying to overtake his territory.

Black Mass is the story of Bulger, his rise to power, and the extant to which the FBI turned the other cheek in letting him to continue operations. Bulger will be played by Johnny Depp, who seems to be sporting an entire Sephora's worth of makeup on his face alone. Starring alongside Depp will be Benedict Cumberbatch, Corey Stoll, Dakota Johnson, Joel Edgerton, Jesse Plemons, Kevin Bacon, and Adam Scott.

What are your thoughts on the trailer? Could this be the next The Departed? Or do you think we're looking at another J. Edgar or Public Enemies?

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