What’s in Your Luggage?

A cautionary tale as we approach one of the year’s busier travel seasons:

Snakes on a Plane got real on December 3 when an EgyptAir pilot was forced to make an emergency landing after a passenger aboard a flight from Cairo to Kuwait was bitten by a snake. His own snake, apparently.

Ahram Online reports:

Crew were shocked by the passenger’s screams, being unaware of the snake’s presence on the plane.

The accident was reported to the pilot, who requested emergency permission to land in Hurghada [Egypt]. The passenger was immediately taken off the plane for medical treatment, and local authorities confiscated the snake.

Following that, the flight continued on to Kuwait.

If you’re wondering whether this is a one-off; it’s not. Here are just two more cases:

Back in August, a man was caught trying to smuggle 27 snakes from Orlando, Florida, to Sao Paulo, Brazil. The haul, which he wrapped in nylon stockings and hid inside old stereo speakers in his luggage, included a Ball Python and seven Boa Constrictors.

And, lest you think the security folks at the Cairo airport aren’t on their toes, in 2007 customs officers in Cairo caught a man trying to smuggle 700 snakes, including two cobras, (yes, you read that correctly) aboard a flight to Saudi Arabia.

Care to fight these guys for space in the overhead bin? Nah, didn’t think so!


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    that’s very odd scenario.

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  2. kepalabergetar

    Hope, it don’t bike anyone on the plane.

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